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Jagex has lately seemed to have been working on newer content and have given up on the current existing content which requires updating in line with the newer updates and essentially created a backlog. Here's their mindset: "Let's only update what people use the most of and not worry about older content since it doesn't matter that much". I beg to differ, but in my honest opinion, their company needs to take a professional approach towards the game and have pride in it and with that comes responsibility. They need to start to think about the small things - because they really do matter. Why does it matter? The more and more they update the game, the more "mismatch" it will appear since their company appears to have no standards when coming up with designs. Below is a list of every known flaw or glitch with RuneScape. This can range from outdated content to new content. If you know of one, please feel free to add it below to the appropriate category. I appreciate your time and effort nitpicking as it is convenient not only for me but for the rest of us. Before you add something, be sure to check whether or not it is already listed. Thanks.

Interfaces[edit | edit source]

  • Lack of uniformity regarding scrollbars and interfaces (Old interfaces that need updating to match new ones: Bank window, Items kept on death screen, Toolbelt, Avatar customisation
  • The fairy ring code interface could use a re-design.
  • When fighting Bork, the interface was designed when there was fixed mode before. Now that we have a re-sizable option, this should be a full screen interface, taking up the game window as it does in quests (of course keeping your chat window, minimap area and tabs shown during the cut-scene.
  • After the introduction of the EoC in the live game, now when switching from fixed mode to re-sizable, displays a tile of the fixed mode chat window background across the re-sizable screen for a split second. This can easily be cleaned up with a bit of re-coding.

Graphical[edit | edit source]

  • When in Lunar Isle for example, the docks appear to have a "flashy" effect when running past them. Not only is this in the docks at Lunar Isle, but in a LOT of other places as well (mostly the places where people don't usually go to). This had been first noticed in the Dominion Tower, then later was fixed. Of course they left behind the Lunar Isle docks and the rest of the RuneScape map.

Other[edit | edit source]

  • There is a lack of correct capitalisation for item names. All item names must follow a uniform format. The first letter of the item should be capital while the rest of the letters should be lower case, regardless of the case (example: the item name "Illuminated Book of War" can be renamed as "Book of war (il)" for a more uniform look). Also "Bonesack(e)" doesn't have a space before (e).
  • When freeing one of the characters from the Fremennik Sagas, the option to cast a fire spell requires either a chaos rune (for fire bolt) or mind rune (for fire strike) to melt the figure. This is obviously something that was left behind since both the spells in the EoC update require ONLY fire and air runes, not chaos or mind runes.
  • Some weapons' tooltip hovers show "Hit bonus" and "Hit Bonus" instead of "Accuracy"