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Weak Medium Strong Void dust Misshapen claw Red moss Firebreath whiskey
Valerian Magebane Lycopus Ranged-icon.png Strength-icon.png Smithing-icon.pngCrafting-icon.pngFletching-icon.pngConstruction-icon.pngFiremaking-icon.png Agility-icon.pngHunter-icon.pngThieving-icon.pngSlayer-icon.png
Sagewort Wormwood Winter's grip Magic-icon.png Cooking-icon.pngFarming-icon.pngHerblore-icon.pngRunecrafting-icon.png Woodcutting-icon.pngMining-icon.pngFishing-icon.pngDivination-icon.png
Head slot.png Torso slot.png Legs slot.png
Primal full helm.png Sagittarian coif.png Celestial hood.png Primal platebody.png Sagittarian body.png Celestial robe top.png Primal platelegs.png Sagittarian chaps.png Celestial robe bottom.png
Divine skinweaver Stomp Lexicus Runewright Dreadnaut Hope devourer Warped Gulega Flesh-spoiler Haasghenahk Necrolord Runebound behemoth
2h slot.png Gloves slot.png Feet slot.png
Primal 2h sword.png Sagittarian shortbow.png Celestial catalytic staff.png Primal gauntlets.png Sagittarian vambraces.png Celestial gloves.png Primal boots.png Sagittarian boots.png Celestial shoes.png
Kal'Ger the Warmonger Skeletal trio Unholy cursebearer Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz Icy Bones To'Kash the Bloodchiller Gluttonous Behemoth Hobgoblin Geomancer Astea Frostweb
Riddle Item
A serpent am I, yet on land I would die. Salve eel Any food
Born through fire, I'm lost in winds and muddied in water. Ashes Ashes (o)
Completed I can make you dead, but currently I have no head. Headless arrow (Dungeoneering) 1.png Headless arrow (o)
From your veins I flow, from essence did I grow. Blood rune (o).png Blood rune (o)
I am cursed with but one eye. And from Haystacks I will spy. Needle (Dungeoneering).png Needle (o)
I am water that brings fire to your heart. Firebreath whiskey.png Firebreath whiskey (o)
I can get you almost anything you want, but with noone to accept me, I am worthless. A coin Coins (o)
I demonstrate faith in a dark god. Unholy symbol Unholy symbol (o)
I pluck the denizens of the sea, to serve a salty sailor's tea. Fishing rod.png Fishing rod (o)
Remove my yellow skin, and dine on me within. A banana Banana (o)
Sticks and stones may break me, exercise may ache me. Bones Bones (o)
The blunt force I provide is surprisingly constructive. Hammer (Dungeoneering).png Hammer (o)
The slowest of assassins, I'm at home on your blade or in your drink. Weapon poison Weapon poison (o)
Though I'm light, I can not illuminate the dark. Feather (Dungeoneering).png Feather (o)
Though my friends fly high, I was always destined to protect. Novite kiteshieldNovite kiteshield (o)
While many call me mould, some call me savoury. Gissel mushroom.png Gissel mushroom (o)
Without me, a deathslinger is merely a gorajo with a stick. Bowstring.png Bowstring (o)
Without me you cannot survive / would perish, but fill a room with me and you would surely die. Vial of water (Dungeoneering).png Vial of water (o)