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The Life Story[edit | edit source]

Brandon11185 never broke any of Jagex's rules of conduct. He tried to help others as much as he could. He NEVER to this very day called another player a noob or newb. The following is a look into his Runescape account activity, all documented as best as possible.

A Noobish Beginning[edit | edit source]

Brandon11185 began playing Runescape in August 2004. He had a usual noobish beginning, as any other person. He started the game by dying against a Man (Lv.2) on his first day, loosing all his items and having to literally start from the beginning again the next day. He was seen wearing a chef's hat and wielding a bronze sword he had bought for 10gp. At Lv.15 Brandon11185 finally learned how to check his combat level and track his progress through the game.

Tricked from the beginning[edit | edit source]

At Level 20 he was tricked by a trusted accomplice to go into the Wilderness for the first time. The person (Not to be named) claimed that he was taking Brandon11185 into Vavrock, where Brandon wanted to sell some ores he had mined in Falador. Brandon did not realize that he was being tricked until his friend suddenly equipped a Maple bow and began firing at him. Within two shots, Brandon11185 died. That day he learned about pure accounts.

The "Add Me" Syndrome[edit | edit source]

At level 22, Brandon11185 wore full Mithril and began calling himself the "Blue Knight" He started to become bored of having no connections with his friends in real life. He invited many of his real life friends to begin playing Runescape. Many people accepted the game and began playing with Brandon11185 online. Making money at this point became difficult, because he was expected to be charitable to his "Noob" friends

The First Success[edit | edit source]

At Lv 25, Brandon11185 still had not done any quests. One of his online friends forced him into helping in a quest, the "Vampire's Servant" quest. Before Brandon11185 knew it, he had already collected all the items he needed to complete the quest. It was only a matter of using them in the correct order. He defeated the Lv 36 Vampire; even though he believed that he could not do it.

The useless-ness stage[edit | edit source]

At Lv 26, Brandon11185 had stopped training his combat level. He began using his Fishing, Mining, Smithing and a small amount of crafting. He had amassed a fair amount of Coins and that, at this point, that the money was useless, except for buying rare and unachievable items like the Santa Hat. He was considering giving up Runescape forever.

Addy madness!![edit | edit source]

At Lv 30, he heard about something wonderful called "Adamant Armor" This relit his interest for Runescape. He had enough money to purchase Addy Armor and fit all the basic requirements. He bought it all in about 5 minutes (Because he offered WAY more Coins than it was worth) The armor was a luxury that none of his any friends had. He believed that he was ready to venture into the wilderness again. And of course, he eventually got killed and lost almost all of his armor.

The "Quest" quest[edit | edit source]

At Lv 40 Brandon11185 did many quests, and while doing this made many friends. He also re-amassed a large amount of wealth by getting free Anti-Dragon breath shields from Sir Gerald and selling them for about 1k each. He used much of this wealth to buy runes and train his magic level to 20. Brandon11185 was still the strongest of all his friends, but one of his friends Romauld, was beginning to catch up with him, at Level 36. Brandon was very scared of the Lv 86 Dragon in the "Dragon Slayer" Quest, with good reason.

Runtite and Willows[edit | edit source]

At Lv 50, brandon11185 had bought full rune for the CORRECT price this time. 100,000Gp He could not decide if he wanted to use A rune 2h or a Rune Scimitar and a Kite Shield. Began finding it hard to make the large amounts of money because it was time consuming to make money through mining and smithing iron bars and armor. So, brandon11185 took up woodcutting and raised his woodcutting to Lv 60. The price of Yews had dropped significantly (to less than 100gp ea), because of bots. At the Yew trees, making getting even 1 Yew log an ordeal, because there were over 20 bots at each tree at any time. He decided that making money like this was much too hard and instead sticked with cutting willow logs.

Charity Ensues[edit | edit source]

Many people began giving away many items such as full armor sets and trimmed armor pieces. Once, a person held a IT quiz, and the winner would get a full rune set with a H3 helm (also known as a Bucket Helm) Being very good at computers, brandon11185 made easy work of the competition. In about 2 weeks, brandon11185 had received over 1.2mil in items and Coins. He then did the Dragons Quest and completed all the non-member quests in Runescape.

The first high score![edit | edit source]

Brandon11185 did alot for runecrafting in the air altar. Within one week, he had achieved Lv 33 Runecrafting. When he checked the high scores for himself, he was ranked as one of the top 100,000 runecrafters. After realizing this, brandon1185 had stopped runecrafting for a long while.

Bypassed![edit | edit source]

One of brandon1185's friends’s got a free level 75 account, named Yazangu. He instantly beat brandon11185 in every way. He had amazing stats and began with a lot of money and a rare item, the Scythe.

Hacked!![edit | edit source]

At lv 60, brandon11185 was becoming bored of repetitive tasks such as air running and woodcutting and fighting. He looked for bots to do the work for him. He downloaded many different programs that he believed to be either account hackers or autoers. In a matter of 1 week he had a number of viruses and key loggers on his computer. One August evening at about 1pm in 2007, his account was hacked. He lost all of his valuables. But the hacker did not change his password. The character was ironically left in front of the Lumbrige Castle for him to start all over again.

Brandon11185 quits...[edit | edit source]

Brandon11185 was very hesitant to restart Runescape, so he gave one of his friends his account to play with. At level 62 His friend, gave full trust into a person he hardly knew. He gave the person brandon11185's password. The person changed the password and the recoveries. The account was lost.

Play Again?[edit | edit source]

After about a year Brandon gave up trying to get his account back from his friend. In a last ditch attempt, he contacted Jagex through the account recovery. Within 2 months brandon11185 got a reply from Jagex. They had changed his password back to what it was before it was changed by the account thief. Brandon11185 was back, and was ready to take revenge on the world of Runescape.

Srry, cnt ply now...[edit | edit source]

At Level 64, due to time restrictions and internet access restrictions, brandon11185 found it very difficult to come online and instead took up other things to do in his spare time. A few of these where sadly, hacking, programming, forums, PC repairs and a small amount of offline gaming. I his time offline he started his own website and forums. He also made many programs and hacks.

I'm back![edit | edit source]

When the Grand Exchange was erected, brandon11185 stopped playing shortly because he found many other things to do other than Runescape. Such as Facebook and his website. Two months after the Fists of Guthix was introduced, brandon11185 was intrigued by the removal of the wilderness and the bounty hunter minigame. More or less because Brandon seemed to never be able to win in Pking and in total lost well over 500,000 Coins in the wilderness. Some of brandon11185's hacking gave him more time and less internet restrictions. Brandon11185 was back to Runescape. Brandon1185's friend at this point was very very rich (over 15,000,000 coins) and was at Level 100 . He made a triumphant return by giving away over 100 pies his friend had made. He did not realize the new value of the pies and he soon realized, in terror, that he gave away over 500,000 Coins

I <3 FoG[edit | edit source]

At Level 65 Brandon11185 found out that he was very good at Fist of Guthix. He started off very shaky, loosing also ever time, but eventually her got the hang of it and began to kill players around and over his own level. He mastered the skill of trapping and killing players with magic. In Fists of Guthix, he raised his magic level form a meager Lv.30 to Lv.46. The new spells that came available to him made killing other players even easier. His Fists of Guthix Ranking was 194 and by this time, he had enough tokens to buy the Rune Bezerker Shield.

Makin’ more money[edit | edit source]

With new security features killing all bots, cutting Yews became much easier and the prices had sky rocketed to 500gp. He continued cutting Yews and raised his Woodcutting from level 60 to 65. For every inventory of of Yews he cut, he made over 10,000 coins. He eventually sold his Rune Berserker Shield and had gained a total of 200,000 Coins. Buying stuff At level 66, Brandon1185 had to buy back all his armor. In total it cost over 110,000 Coins. And his friend bought a Santa Hat, living Brandon11185's dream. He started to cut a lot of Yew logs in order to make money. He

Leveling up and Reverants[edit | edit source]

At level 66, brandon11185 made it his business to level up to level.70. He mostly trained on lv.34 Deadly Red Spiders in the Vavrock sewers. He raised his prear level from 26 to 37 by killing Hill Giants and Moss Giants. He could now prefrom the prear Protect from Magic. This would prove to be very helpful in the Fist Of Guthix, because many people used magic. Brandon11185 went into the wilderness to fight Hill Giants because the usual Edgeville Hilly Cave was filled in all the worlds. He had full rune equipped. Because the Hill Giants (or any monster in the wild) automatically attacked him, he switched the tab and decided to do some surfing while he automatically retaliated. A Reverant Werewolf began attacking him. He only realized that he was being attacked when he had 26 HP remaining. He tried to run, but the Reverant kept freezing him and did him 27 damage and a fatal hit of 12. It was not a huge loss for brandon11185 because he had enough coins to buy back a full rune and still have change remaining, so he did.

Level 70![edit | edit source]

When he hit level 70, he decided that he wanted to make a large about of money, he decided that he would do this by cutting Yew logs.

Goals[edit | edit source]

Runecrafting Runecrafting 80%
40  50 
10 levels
Smithing Smithing 86%
43  50 
7 levels
Prayer Prayer 86%
37  43 
6 levels

Stats[edit | edit source]

Brandon11185's Current Stats can be viewed here: RS Bandb

Signature[edit | edit source]

Woodcutting Brandon11185 Attack