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More radical changes will follow; based on Aburnett's theme.

Born2bwild is always ready... Born2bwild04
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Brief info Brief Information
Combat This user has 135 Combat.
The Expected This user plays RuneScape as The Expected.
270 This user has made 270 edits.
To do To do
  • Add information about various armours
  • To expand quest guides
  • To perfect solo/group gwd guides
Melee This user is a maxed melee.
This user is a member This user is a member.
2004 This user has been playing RuneScape since 2004.
This user has full Bandos.
[[File:Armadyl symbol.svg|45px|Armadyl]] This user has Armadyl armour and godsword.
Turmoil This user has Turmoil and will use it if necessary.

About Me

I'm Born2bwild04 (a reference from the popular song). I have been playing Runescape since '04 and mostly as a f2p until '09. I have several other accounts, but their combats are all under 70. My main had a relatively low total level for its combat, but I nearly completely fixed that. I also have maxed all my melee stats.

I often enjoy training my melee stats at Armoured Zombies. I used to go to Zamorak God War Dungeon quite often. My tanking record of K'ril Tsutsaroth is 126 kills. I also go to Saradomin God War Dungeon. You can also find me in the G.E. wasting my time or Penguin Hunting. I also enjoy doing quests.

Quest Click here for Quest Log.

Born2bWild TV

Original video
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I play RuneScape regularly, and I'm currently working to improve my non-combat related skills.

Attack   99 Constitution   99 Mining   66 Strength   99 Agility   71
Smithing   70 Defence    99 Herblore   62 Fishing   70 Ranged   99
Thieving   64 Cooking   80 Prayer   95 Crafting   70 Firemaking   70
Magic   95 Fletching   72 Woodcutting    81 Runecrafting   60 Slayer   77
Farming   66 Construction   70 Hunter   65 Summoning   84 Dungeoneering   56

My most favorite skills are:

  1. Attack
  2. Hitpoints
  3. Strength
  4. Defence
  5. Prayer

My least favorite skills are:

  1. Herblore
  2. Fletching
  3. Firemaking
  4. Crafting
  5. Construction

Skill Capes