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Quest map icon.png Born2bwild04's Quest Log Quest map icon.png

Red - Quests to Complete
Yellow - Quests in the process of completion
Green - Completed Quests

Total Quest Points: 303

Latest Achievement: Fairytale III - Battle at Orks Rift

Free-to-Play Quests

Black Knights' Fortress
Cook's Assistant
Demon Slayer
Doric's Quest
Dragon Slayer
Earnest the Chicken
Goblin Diplomacy
Imp Catcher
The Knight's Sword
Pirate's Treasure
Prince Ali Rescue
The Blood Pact
The Restless Ghost
Romeo & Juliet
Rune Mysteries
Sheep Shearer
Shield of Arrav
Vampire Slayer
Witch's Potion

Members Quests

All Fired Up
Animal Magnetism
Another Slice of H.A.M.
As a First Resort...
Back to my Roots
Between a Rock...
Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Blood Runs Deep
Buyers and Cellars
Cabin Fever
Catapult Construction
Clock Tower
Cold War
Creature of Fenkenstrain
Curse of Arrav
Darkness of Hallowvale
Dealing with Scabaras
Death Plateau
Defender of Varrock
Desert Treasure
Devious Minds
- This one had been in "completion" for 8 months... Shortest quest... Not for me.
The Dig Site
Dream Mentor
Druidic Ritual
Dwarf Cannon
Eadgar's Ruse
Eagles' Peak
Elemental Workshop I
Elemental Workshop II
Elemental Workshop III
Enakhra's Lament
Enlightened Journey
The Eyes of Glouphrie
Fairytale I - Growing Pains
Fairytale II - Cure a Queen
Fairytale III - Battle at Orks Rift
Family Crest
The Feud
Fight Arena
Fishing Contest
Forgettable Tale...
The Fremennik Isles
The Fremennik Trials
Garden of Tranquility
Gertrude's Cat
Ghosts Ahoy
The Giant Dwarf
The Golem
The Grand Tree
The Great Brain Robbery
Grim Tales
The Hand in the Sand
Haunted Mine
Hazeel Cult
Heroes' Quest
Holy Grail
Horror from the Deep
Ichthlarin's Little Helper
In Aid of the Myreque
In Search of the Myreque
Jungle Potion
Kennith's Concerns
King's Ransom
Land of the Goblins
Legacy of Seergaze
Legends' Quest
Lost City
The Lost Tribe
Lunar Diplomacy
Making History
Meeting History
Merlin's Crystal
Monk's Friend
Monkey Madness
Mountain Daughter
Mourning's End Part I
Mourning's End Part II
Murder Mystery
My Arm's Big Adventure
Nature Spirit
Nomad's Requiem
Observatory Quest
Olaf's Quest
One Small Favour
The Path of Glouphrie
Perils of Ice Mountain
Plague City
Priest in Peril
Rag and Bone Man
Recipe for Disaster
Recruitment Drive
Rocking Out
Roving Elves
Royal Trouble
Rum Deal
Rune Mechanics
Scorpion Catcher
Sea Slug
Shades of Mort'ton
Sheep Herder
Shilo Village
The Slug Menace
Smoking Kills
A Soul's Bane
Spirit of Summer
Spirits of the Elid
Summer's End
Swan Song
Swept Away
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
A Tail of Two Cats
Tears of Guthix
The Temple at Senntisten
Temple of Ikov
Throne of Miscellania
The Tourist Trap
Tower of Life
Tree Gnome Village
Tribal Totem
Troll Romance
Troll Stronghold
Underground Pass
Waterfall Quest
What Lies Below
While Guthix Sleeps
Witch's House
Within The Light

Wolf Whistle
Zogre Flesh Eaters