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Quick Overview[edit | edit source]

My RS name is "The Expected" but it was previously "Born2bWild04" (for a long while). I have been playing Runescape since '04 and mostly as a f2p until '09. I have several other accounts, but their combats are all under 70. My main had a relatively low total level for its combat, but I nearly completely fixed that. I also have maxed all my melee stats.

Items[edit | edit source]

I always carry my:

-- I hope they really make a "Dragon Defender"

Stats[edit | edit source]

The Expected
Total level: 1896
Attack 99Constitution 99Mining 66
Strength 99Agility 70Smithing 69
Defence 99Herblore 62Fishing 70
Ranged 92Thieving 64Cooking 80
Prayer 95Crafting 70Firemaking 70
Magic 94Fletching 70Woodcutting 75
Runecrafting 52Slayer 73Farming 65
Construction 60Hunter 65Summoning 80
Dungeoneering 56Divination 1Invention 0
Archaeology 1Combat 135Quests 303
Music 635Tasks ----RuneScore -1
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My Melee stats are considerably higher than my other stats. I have a large level difference between my highest skill - attack (99) - and my lowest skill - Runecrafting (52). My favorite skill is attack. My least favorite one is herblore closely followed by Fletching.

My most favorite skills are:

  1. Attack
  2. Hitpoints
  3. Strength
  4. Defence
  5. Prayer

My least favorite skills are:

  1. Herblore
  2. Fletching
  3. Firemaking
  4. Crafting
  5. Construction

Activities on Runescape[edit | edit source]

I often enjoy training my melee stats at Armoured Zombies. I also go to Zamorak God War Dungeon quite often. My tanking record of K'ril Tsutsaroth is 96 kills. You can also find me in the G.E. wasting my time or penguin hunting. I also enjoy doing quests.

Quest log This user has a quest log here.

Multicombat.png This user has a combat level of 135.
Runecrafting This user's lowest skill is Runecrafting, with a level of 57.
Attack This user's highest skill is Attack, with a level of 99.
Strength This user's highest skill is Strength, with a level of 99.
Defence This user's highest skill is Defence, with a level of 99.
Skills This user's highest skill is Hitpoints, with a level of 99.
$$$ This user's trade limit had reached the maximum of 60,000 coins with 270 or more quest points before the return of Free Trade.
2004 This user has been playing RuneScape since 2004.
PK This user used to PK.
Saradomin symbol.png This user follows Saradomin.
Strength through wisdom.
Steel kiteshield (Misthalin).png This user is an ally with the peaceful people of Misthalin.
Royal Trouble icon.png This user is the regent of Miscellania and Etceteria.
The Fremennik Isles icon.png This user has received a Helm of neitiznot from Mawnis Burowgar in The Fremennik Isles quest.
The Fremennik Trials icon.png This user is known to the Fremenniks as Dokkal.
Recipe for Disaster icon.png This user has defeated the Culinaromancer and saved Lumbridge from a disaster.

In my training attire (Armoured Zombies): In my old armour:



Skill Capes[edit | edit source]

Most Favorites[edit | edit source]

Least Favorites[edit | edit source]

Signatures[edit | edit source]

Old Signature: Attack cape (t).png Born2bwild04 Abyssal whip.png

New Signature: Constitution cape (t).png Born2bwild04 Dragon pickaxe.png