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Key[edit | edit source]

  • Green = Finished it to hell!
  • Orange = Started.
  • Fuchsia = Dunno - most member requirements.
  • Red = Obviously not.
  • [<xxx>] = Some note.
    • Hunted the Thalassus eleven times. [Deadliest Catch]

Regular[edit | edit source]

  • Unlocked use of the Abyss.
  • Reached the end of the Stronghold of Player Safety.
  • Reached the end of the Stronghold of Security.
  • All skill levels at maximum (120 Dungeoneering and 99 in all other skills). [2 out of 24.]
  • All quests completed (including capers). [163 out of 176.]
  • Every music track unlocked. [681 out of 790.]
  • All tasks completed. [211 out of 428.]
  • All 3 of the Fremennik Sagas 100% Completed. [1 out of 3.]
  • Obtained full Ghostly Robes.
  • Obtained a Shadow Sword.
  • Laid the Goblin High Priests to rest.
  • Enchanted the salve amulet in The Lair of Tarn Razorlor.
  • Returned Clarence to rest.
  • Hunted the Thalassus eleven times. [Deadliest Catch]
  • All magic spells unlocked (Spells from Livid Farm, Mage Training Arena, and the Mage Arena).
  • All prayers unlocked (Prayer from Dungeoneering and Camelot training room). - Camelot training room, not Dungeoneering. I suppose I have to go do dungeoneering then...
  • All Varrock museum Kudos earned.

Trimmed[edit | edit source]

  • 4,000 Chompy kills.
  • Highest rune shop unlocked from Ali Morrisane.
  • All hot-air balloon travel routes unlocked.
  • Eagle transport routes fully unlocked.
  • All Smoking Kills sub-bosses unlocked.
  • Master White Knight rank obtained.
  • Flying broomstick unlocked. (This includes unlocking the teleport option and getting all the magic experience)
  • Found all hidden treasure from Making History
  • Achieved 1,250+ Conquest rank.
  • Unlocked the full power of the Ivandis flail.
  • Played 5,000 games of Castle Wars.
  • Unlocked maximum access to Mobilising Armies rewards. (401 Rank)
  • Defeated all champions.
  • Achieved maximum rank in each Barbarian Assault role. - Maybe
  • Completed all Court Cases.
  • Completed all barbarian training with Otto.
  • Found all barbarian notes in the Ancient Cavern.
  • Obtained all circus clothing.
  • Scabarite research completed.
  • Completed 25 chimp ice deliveries.
  • Unlocked ability to craft all Slayer items and to deliver killing blows quicker.
  • Unlocked all rewards from the Artisans Workshop.
  • Completed the Dahmaroc statue in your player-owned house.
  • Unlocked the Scroll of life ability.
  • Unlocked the Scroll of cleansing ability.
  • Unlocked the Scroll of efficiency ability.