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Engaging the nihil.
  • Blood Nihil: This nihil attacks with a hard-hitting melee attack and has a special ability similar to Nex's healing siphon. The creature will stop attacking and begin to glow. That's your cue to stop attacking too - any damage dealt to it during this time will instead heal it and all the other nihil. 
  • Shadow Nihil: Attacks with ranged, special attack creates an area-of-effect attack. Players should hit and run in order to avoid prayer and lifepoint drain. Constantly move to avoid the Nex-like shadow bombs special attack that deals heavy damage.
  • Ice Nihil: Attacks with magic, special attack applies a six second stun. Use Freedom when frozen and Anticipation after the creature hisses.
  • Smoke Nihil: Attacks with Magic that can lower stats, special attack creates a cloud that rapidly cuts stats. Shouldn't be too much trouble.

The nihil can deal significant damage even through prayer, so prayer points and health should be monitored closely in order to avoid death.

NOTE: After killing the nihil, DO NOT log out. Doing so WILL require you to face them again. 

If you kill all four of the nihil and at some point they were all attacking you at once, you will receive the title "the Annihilator".


  • Soul split on always. Use prayer potions.
  • First attack the Blood nihil, and reduce its hitpoints until it is close to death.
  • Do the same with the Shadow and Ice nihil.
  • Attack the Smoke nihil.
  • After the Smoke nihil has attacked you, quickly finish off the near-death nihils (Ice, Shadow, Blood, either in that order or with a multi-target attack) so you face it alone, without the 3 other nihils blasting you.

Beware when using multi-target attacks, however - using these earlier on in the battle may result in you killing one of the nihil before you have engaged all four, so watch their health bars.