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An Unknown Place, riddle number two.

(this is another riddle from me, try to guess where the spirit is talking about.)

This place teems with life, Many come to this remote place for material gain, Watch out for the wildlife, Some end up low on hp, poisoned; in pain.

The sky is smooth and clear, The ground is covered with plants, In every direction into the sea you peer, Seeing nothing but for the constant downpour.

You are soaked to the bone, Your skin feels strange, You feel lost and alone, You walk into the open and are shot with range.

You are in a dark wooden place you can't stand the thirst, You can hear a giant thumping up and down the corridor, you run for your life fearing the worst, You manage to escape through the open door.

On and on you run round the coast, Tiny black warriors wielding scimitars chase you, You are almost seen by a native furry child and hide behind a post, You seem to have lost them for now you stay close to the bamboo.

Where is this adventurer?

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