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Lost Identities[edit | edit source]

by Bob2006ty

This is a riddle

(I made up this riddle in like 13 mins: it's rubbish but see if you can guess who they are, post your answer on the discussion page.)

In deepest darkest swamp we lie, oftentimes a scythe passes over our heads, at the falling of the sun we went to die, if you dare to confront us you may end up dead...

The ancient watcher saw the fray, at sunset he came for us and took our breath, never again to see the light of day, we are confronted often, this place reeks of death.

We are strange beings born of the fight, we all share a common colour tone, we are found in holes as dark as night, diminished to nothing more than cloth and bone, our greatest assets are held in a box, dare you try to slay us alone?

clues... look to the east of the map, to find the answer you seek, keep digging and the answer may fall in your lap, its not that hard, I expect an answer in a week.

Unknown Place[edit | edit source]

by Bob2006ty