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Skills (as of June 25th at 12 am Greenwich Mean Time)
99 99 99 99 99 90+ 90 80+ 88 89 88 85 84 80 80 85 70+ 76 77 74 75 73 80 7374 72 75 74 73

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Welcome to my user page.

  • Strength Ranged Magic

About Me[edit | edit source]

Hi guys, my Runescape name is Magic Marc (was Runestorm333 I changed it on 2nd September 2010), I'm 21 now, but was 14/15 when I started to play, I started playing runescape god knows when, although I know I was here when Elemental Workshop I was released on June 2nd 2004, and I remember being there for months before that, but I am currently trying to track the earliest update I can remember. I live in [1] in England so my time zone is GMT. I started editing the wiki on the 4th of October 2006, from the ip address User:, which had the highest number of ip edits on the wiki at the time, I later created an account after alot of nagging.

Home world currently: 60

Old Stuff[edit | edit source]

Stuff Done[edit | edit source]

I have three 99s, Magic, Fletching and Cooking. I have done all the quests, diarys, mini quests, varrock museum, side events, you name it I've done it, I have been everywhere, tried everything. My lowest skill is 71, my total is 1912, my tears of guthix record stands at 175 tears, (as of September 19th) I used to joint lead two clans, the children of guthix, and the brotherhood of the blade. I am now after a long period of skilling trying to get my abysmal combat level up.

Magic Marc
Total level: 2,063
Attack 88 Constitution 90 Mining 76
Strength 89 Agility 72 Smithing 77
Defence 88 Herblore 86 Fishing 80
Ranged 85 Thieving 75 Cooking 99
Prayer 74 Crafting 76 Firemaking 99
Magic 99 Fletching 99 Woodcutting 84
Runecrafting 80 Slayer 80 Farming 74
Construction 73 Hunter 73 Summoning 74
Dungeoneering 73 Divination N/A Invention N/A
Attack style icon fixed.png 120 Quest icon fixed.png 308 Task icon fixed.png 345
Music icon fixed.png 718

Areas of Expertise[edit | edit source]

  • Mage Training Arena (I know everything you could possibly ever wish to know I am a walking guide, hence I decided to write a guide for you guys) ditto for Barrows
  • Pest Control
  • Almost anything now.
  • Quests (I have full qp and the cape)
  • Many other things, but these are the main ones, on which I am rock solid.

Please note don't contact me with hard quest related questions such as "what is the answer to the death plateau quest ball puzzle" as it has been years since I have done such things, although I can remember the storylines and most of the general stuff about how hard it was what stuff you need for fights, general advice etc.

Recommended[edit | edit source]

  • Mage Training Arena, lots of magic xp to be had here, in the Alchemists Playground you can get 115 magic exp per high alch.
  • Tears of Guthix, most players don't bother with this, but it raises your lowest skill a lot, I still use it even though my lowest level is 62 and it doesn't always give me another level. If you have a low skill that you hate raise it this way, (the game awards time in the cave according to quest points, I acknowledge I have an advantage as I have full qp.)
  • Summer Garden, this is by far one of the best ways to raise theiving if you are 65+, and a great way to get high level herbs too.
  • Barrows, had every drop several times, wicked fun, great way to make £/$.
  • Castle wars, just fun. (not much xp though unless you ice barrage in a packed world, pits is better cb exp.)
  • Skill leveling, gives a deep sense of satisfaction.
  • Penguins, I gain 29k a week from these guys, they rock.


Adventurer's Log[edit | edit source]

Adventurer's Log



Goals[edit | edit source]

Woodcutting 91%
84  85 
1 level
Smithing 74%
77  80 
3 levels
  • 85 Range
  • Generally making my character better, I create goals for myself as I move along in game, and achieve them, I have so many things I want to achieve right now, its going to take 3 months just to complete them all.

My 99s[edit | edit source]

Magic-icon.pngThis user has a Magic level of 99.
Fletching-icon.pngThis user has a Fletching level of 99.
Cooking-icon.pngThis user has a Cooking level of 99.
Firemaking-icon.pngThis user has a Firemaking level of 99.


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