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Bloodlust_13 is a Runescape player. The account was created in 2004 and started off slowly with the killing of cows and chopping of regular trees. Soon Bloodlust_13 found his true calling, skills and combat, advancing through the ranks very quickly. He found out about PKing very early on and eventually joined a clan which lead him on to much fun and much loss of rune.

Real Life[edit | edit source]

Personal: A male from the state of California, USA. Born December 13th, 1989.

Hobbies: I like to Skateboard, play Tennis, play Pool, listen to music, and play Drums.

Music: My favorite music to listen to is Metal and Rock. My favorite band is Tool among many others that I listen to daily.

Runescape Life[edit | edit source]

Clan List: BiT (Beyond Imaginable Threat), DOA (Dead on Arrival), Nemesis, and currently Rsd (Runescape Dinasty).

Sergeant clan rank.png This user is a sergeant in the clan Runescape Dinasty.

Misc. Runescape Info:

RSC This user had an active account on RuneScape Classic.
Multicombat.png This user has a combat level of 136.
Skull.png This user PKs.
zLTL4z9.png This user plays RuneScape with the program SwiftKit.

Current 99 Stats[edit | edit source]

Attack-icon.pngThis user has an Attack level of 99.
Strength-icon.pngThis user has a Strength level of 99.
Defence-icon.pngThis user has a Defence level of 99.
Hitpoints-icon.pngThis user has a Hitpoints level of 99.
Prayer-icon.pngThis user has a Prayer level of 99.
Magic-icon.pngThis user has a Magic level of 99.
Cooking-icon.pngThis user has a Cooking level of 99.
Firemaking-icon.pngThis user has a Firemaking level of 99.
Hunter-icon.pngThis user has a Hunter level of 99.
Crafting-icon.pngThis user has a Crafting level of 99.
Fishing-icon.pngThis user has a Fishing level of 99.

Plans[edit | edit source]

I wish to achieve all stats too 99 one day but this goal has been set for me from day one and will take a while longer before it is completed!

Approved content[edit | edit source]

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