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This plan has yet to become 'Home' has finally started construction, beasties and all. The house will total 32 rooms, requiring a Construction level of 99 which cost me 100m+ gold coins. I have now spent in excess of 2m gold coins renovating the house so if I had to give one piece of advice, and I usually do, it is to plan your house before you start building. Enjoy! Wink.gif

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I use my Menagerie to keep my pets to save space in my bank. It will also allow me to have a set of baby dragons. I currently have 4 pets in my Menagerie, any more and I will be cleaning up poop non stop!

Menagerie Pets

Pet cat (purple) pet.png
Purple cat
Fishbowl (orange fish).png
Pet Fish
Wily hellcat pet.png
Wily hellcat
Pet rock.png
Pet rock
Rune guardian pet.png
Rune guardian
Pig (pet) beast of burden.png
Pig beast of burden
Saradomin owl pet.png
Saradomin owl
Guthix raptor pet.png
Guthix raptor
Zamorak hawk pet.png
Zamorak hawk
Baby dragon (green) pet.png
Baby green dragon
Baby dragon (blue) pet.png
Baby blue dragon
Hatchling dragon (red) pet.png
Baby red dragon
Baby dragon (black) pet.png
Baby black dragon