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Total level: 1482
Attack 70Constitution 63Mining 65
Strength 63Agility 55Smithing 65
Defence 61Herblore 60Fishing 57
Ranged 55Thieving 63Cooking 62
Prayer 51Crafting 63Firemaking 58
Magic 65Fletching 72Woodcutting 73
Runecrafting 64Slayer 45Farming 52
Construction 53Hunter 52Summoning 45
Dungeoneering 47Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 85Quests 211
Music 580Tasks ----RuneScore ----
As of 19 November 2012
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Combat level
Defence 61 Constitution 63
Prayer 51 Summoning 45
Attack 70 85.75 85
Strength 63
Ranged 55 78.5 78
Magic 65 85 85

Hi! My username on RuneScape is Blazingwarri, and despite the mid-level range of my stats, I've been playing since the latter days of RSC, around the middle/end of '02, and haven't stopped. My boots have touched almost every inch of dirt in Gielinor, save some of the higher quest areas. I am easily bored and very random, so though none of my stats are high, they've almost all been within 10 levels of each other since I began.

I'm working on leveling my stats, but I'm fairly erratic, so I'm making limited progress in a plethora of stats. Some of the main ones are below.

Feel free to message me ingame, I'm always looking for people to talk to!

Semi-Constant Goals:[edit | edit source]

Icon Completion
to go
Smithing 66%
65  70 
5 levels
Crafting 50%
63  70 
7 levels
Mining 4%
65  99 
34 levels
Woodcutting 8%
73  99 
26 levels

Back-Burner Goals:[edit | edit source]

Icon Completion
to go
Fletching 80%
72  75 
3 levels
Construction 51%
53  60 
7 levels
Ranged 63%
55  60 
5 levels
Summoning 24%
45  60 
15 levels
Hunter 49%
52  60 
8 levels
Dungeoneering 28%
47  60 
13 levels
Prayer 43%
51  60 
9 levels
Ranged 63%
55  60 
5 levels
Agility 61%
55  60 
5 levels
Fishing 75%
57  60 
3 levels
Firemaking 90%
58  60 
2 levels
Slayer 24%
45  60 
15 levels
Farming 46%
52  60 
8 levels

My High Scores
My Quest Log





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And that's my page! Congrats for making it through!