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This is Blazestrikes sandbox, and I will be using it to create better sections of the article: Barrows/strategies.

General advice[edit | edit source]

It is recommended to have a combat level of at least 70, however many players have done Barrows at lower levels. The minimum requirements recommended are 43 prayer and 35 magic (for firebolt.) Players are advised to turn "Accept Aid" off as sometimes other players may use "Teleother" spells to distract you. To lessen chances of dying, players can bring a Ring of Life, to teleport you away if players are on low HP.

Methods[edit | edit source]

All methods for Barrows need a balance of different combat styles.

Normal Magic: Fire Bolt[edit | edit source]

If using Fire Bolt, players will need a minimum of 35 magic and 43 prayer and are recommended to have done the Family Crest quest, for use of Chaos Gauntlets. This method is a cheap and low level method to use.

Recommended equipment: (from best to worst)

Helmet: Farseer helm>Helm of Neitiznot>Rune Full Helmet

Amulet: Fury>Glory>Amulet of Strength>Any

Cape: Ava's Accumulator>Any

Arrows: Broad-tipped Bolts (50 ranging, however you need to fire them out of a rune crossbow, which is 61 ranging)>Mithril Bolts

Weapon: Air rune giving staff>Fire rune giving staff (cheap)

Weapon: Staff of Light>Master wand or Ancient staff> any magic damage boosting weapon

Platebody: Mystic>Splitbark

Shield: Holy Book/ Unholy Book/ Book of Balance

Platelegs: Mystic Bottoms>Splitbark

Gloves: Chaos Gauntlets (highly recommended)> Any

Ring: Ring of life>Any

Boots: Mystic Boots>Dragon Boots>Rune Boots>Any


3 Prayer Potions(4)

The best crossbow you can use, if using broad Bolts, Rune Crossbow

Spade- Needed to get in. (essential)

The best d'hide you can wear (top and bottom)

Rune platebody or better

Rune Platelegs or better

Melee weapon: Abyssal Whip>Dragon scimitar>A dragon weapon>A Rune weapon

18 pieces of food; lobster or better


In every method, players will usually kill Dharok first, wearing Magic armour and the magic weapon, using Fire Bolt, you will also be protecting Melee.

The next brother would be Karil, use the rest of your prayer while wearing the Melee weapon and melee armour. If a Player has under 70 hitpoints, it is recommended to continually use prayer throughout the kill as Karil can hit constant 20's.

Verac would be next, If players have any left-over prayer use protect from melee and wear the Magic weapon and magic armour, using Fire Bolt. If a player has under 70 defence, protect from melee could be used, however it is OPTIONAL

Ahrim would be killed wearing d'hide and Rune crossbow, players could choose to use prayer, however it is optional.

Unless you have under 70 defence, players should protect melee against torag, using the same strategy as verac

Again, for killing Guthan use the same strategy as Verac.

Normal Magic: Slayer Dart[edit | edit source]

Slayer Dart can be an effective way of killing the Barrow Brothers, as Slayer Dart is not affected (much) by what a player wears.