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Notice: If this project creates any redlinks, please ignore them. These redlinks will be removed upon completion of the project.

This project is complete. All templates now have proper documentation. This page will continue to exist as maintenance to display future templates that may not have documentation.

Welcome to the Documentation Project! This project was created along with the template policy with the passage of this discussion. The goal of this project is to provide proper documentation for each template, making it easier for users to understand what each template does.

If you have any questions, please leave them on the project host's talk page.

Team[edit | edit source]

If you wish to join the team, please sign here using ~~~

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Formatting the Documentation[edit | edit source]

Template documentation should be set up as a sub-page of the template, for example Template:Infobox Quest/doc is the documentation for Template:Infobox Quest.

The actual sub-page should be set up as follows:

Put a short description of what the template does here.

Describe how the template should be used here. If the template has parameters, state ALL of them here, in the format that follows.
| Example1 = <!-- Description of the example1 parameter -->
| Example2 = <!-- Description of the example2 parameter -->
| Example3 = <!-- Description of the example3 parameter -->

Parameters should have their own section.

Example1 should have only numbers. There should be no commas.

Example2 should be exactly the same as it appears in game. If both are identical, this may be omitted.

Example3 should be in the format of [[Name]] then [[Number]].

If a parameter is optional, that should also be mentioned.

If the template auto-includes any categories, state it here.

Put any categories of the template in includeonly tags. The main template page should not have a category directly on it.

Remember to add the following tags to the main template page!


Formatting Userboxes[edit | edit source]

Unlike most templates, userboxes have unique documentation. Instead of each one having their own unique documentation sub-page, userbox templates instead all link to the Userbox documentation. As a result, the following code can be used on any Userbox template to easily document it.


Exceptions[edit | edit source]

Templates that do not need documentation are signatures, as they already subpages of Template:Signature. Any other exceptions are listed in the template policy.

Templates[edit | edit source]

Please refer to the following pages for the list of templates that still need documentation.