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Personnal RS page of Blademasta41[edit | edit source]

If you are not me, I'm not sure how you have end up here... well, hello anyway.

RS player since 1995 I like playing intensively for short periods of time (like 2 weeks) before switching to something else... but I keep returning to that game again and again. Personnal interest: questing, helping people about various aspects of RS (15 years of layer of training methods makes it quite hard to get all the aspects), further questing, making shacky plans on how to plan a dagger on the back of Silske (whose faction I belong too... because of the whole "keep your enemy closer" stuff), questing. I got a max cape, I am working for a master quest cape (and potentially a comp cape later, if I manage to get the 120 slayer without it being painful)

Stuffs I saw that can be improved on the wiki (aka personnal todo-list):[edit | edit source]

  • Finish the addition of augmentable bane weaponery on the "augmentable item" page (+ add a link from the +4 weaponery to the infused ones). It's a shame not that much people did catch that, because this is a source of cheap t80 augmentable (and disassembling) weaponery (so it might be good to mention it in the invention training manual).
  • Update f2p smithing guide, so that the rework is taken into account. I should check the xp rates of every material and number of bar used + check the xp/rate of the full afk mode (no heat), versus the autoheater mode (low heat), versus the semi-afk mode (high heat) and make a table for it, assuming all bars are already there. Likewise, I should get some quick xp rate on the bars (and money making rates). For that,I need to figure out how scripts work on the RS wiki (so that it can be updated dynamically, which would be cool :) )
  • A page for "poor people" about how to get the best equipment for the cheaper cost (wiki often assumes infinite money, and every times a new expensive top tier appears, infomation are lost). I'm definitively part of those "poor people", cause all my money went into skill training (and I prefer skilling than combat). Maybe adding some info on each boss about level + equipements that was used to beat a boss (and the difficulty the person feel about it) might help, for people trying to boss with lower level equip than advised in the wiki.
  • (list to be completed for every things I see that can improved... if you are somebody else, feel free to steal my ideas, just tell me about it so that I don't redo the work you did)