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Hi, This is my user page, i am not to sure about this, and am pretty new... i hope i do my best on it! ^_^

Anyways, In RS my username is Jayco119. I personally do not PK, PC, Auto, Macro, Or Rc. I LOVE doing quests. I love to play songs on my computer when i type, and love using RS forums!

I, am NOT Rich knowing i barely have 200k... I can't wait until the summoning comes out and stuff...

Yadda yadda yadda... Whatever...

Anyways... I'm new ya might wanna try to help me out whatever... Anyways, i will be around wiki runescape forums for the time being! See ya there!!!

Bye... Whatever *laughs evilly and runs off tripping on a rune* Stupid Wizards!