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Create scenery pages

Make 20 pages of random scenery articles from this list.

See the example page below. You can fill in some of the data from a database we have already.

See the Minimal RS Object Database for most of the information needed to create these pages. You can search by object ID.

See Aviary Hatch and Sandy's Coffee Mug for two great examples of random scenery pages. Each page should have:

  • {{Infobox Scenery}}, including:
    • Release date, if you can figure it out
    • Whether or not the scenery is members-only
    • Location
    • Right-click options (can be taken from MROD)
    • A map of the exact location of the scenery. You can get the exact coordinates from the "map" link on MROD.
  • A couple sentences describing the scenery.
Please come join the Discord if you aren't sure about how to create these pages!

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