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The New Membership Program[edit | edit source]

The program had started running on the 15th of June 2010, and will continue to run till the end of July, 2011. This program will be used by the Jagex team to calculate whether or not they should merge the free-world and member-world together, and continue to promote the game as it was in 2001, for free.

Here is the link to the Membership Page on the Runescape website:

After running a series of survey's and researching player backgrounds, the Jagex Team have decided to give a few F2P (free to play) players the chance of experiencing the wonders of Membership.

Membership was introduced in Runescape, after the Jagex Team realized that there was a need to finance the game, and had come up with the solution-membership. The Jagex team had realized that there was a potential market of players that would be willing to pay a small fee in exchange for getting much more from the game. After making finance for the game through this channel for a number of years, the Jagex Team had finally made enough profit to be able to run this new program.

In this new program, the Jagex team has decided to give out free membership to a certain group of free-players. The membership would be distributed, via P2P members of Runescape. A few players that were already members of Runescape had been chosen to carry out this program. The task that they were assigned with was to search out for a certain type of free-player that met the requirements listed in the program. The requirements of membership include:

  • At least level 45 combat. - This is so that the player has reduced risk of dying, when stumbling into parts of Runescape that they have never entered before.
  • Moderate skill in producing wealth (this would be calculated through the Player Hi-Scores, to establish the skills that the player has). - The member world, although infinitely better than the free world, does not come without its costs. For a player to be chosen under this program, then the player would have to have a skill that could help to make the player wealthy, for example, a woodcutting level of 60. The player would have the skill level needed to cut yew trees, sell them and generate wealth.
  • A general experience of Runescape. - This would be calculated through the combat. The general idea is, that the higher the combat, the more experience the player has of Runescape. This is needed so that the player can understand the Member world fairly well, and does not get confused and lost in the vast vacuum of a Member world.

How do you get Entered into the Program?[edit | edit source]

To be entered into this program, the player would have to be recognized by one of our Members in Runescape. These Members identities have to remain a secret; otherwise we would have many players pestering them to be entered into the program. The Jagex team has stated that if entered for this program. The player is encouraged to go forward with it, as it is a very good experience for the player, and because it is a privilege for the player, as not every payer will get this opportunity. Jagex encourages the players to go through with the program because they would need accurate information for the surveys.

Once a player has been picked by the Member, the member is expected to follow the program through a very strict policy, and if this is not done, then the player or Member (whoever's fault it was) can be thrown out of this program. Here are the guidelines the Members are expected to follow:

  • Once a Member has found a potential candidate for the program, he/she must first ask the player if they would like to be entered into the program, and receive the membership. If the player agrees then...
  • ...The Member reports this to a player moderator that is available on Runescape. The Player Moderator will then review the candidate, via looking at the Hi-Scores, and then, if the moderator agrees, then the program can be started.
  • The Member will then explain to the candidate (the player), a few of the benefits of membership, and then the Member, will need to ask for the player's Runescape account details. The account details are basically just the player’s username and password, and they are needed by the Member so that he/she can then use the details, to submit the account under the program. Because of the Jagex policy in this, the candidate (player) has to give their account details to receive membership, because if the Jagex Team just allowed the player to have the PIN, then the Jagex Team would be unable to decide whether the player had actually used the PIN, or had just given it away to someone else. The Jagex Team uses the account details to make the account member itself, and not relying on the player to do it.

This is the process the Member must follow in this program. If you have any enquiries, then please email the Leading Member of this program, and submit your enquiries to him. The email is:

[email protected]

Once again, the Member's Runescape account name cannot be mentioned, as he would just be pestered by players in the game. Thank you for reading and understanding this new Program. Hopefully you will also get the chance to be a part of this program.

Sincerely, Mod. Peter

Head of Player Improvement and Support.