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Watch the Rolling Heads[edit | edit source]

His teeth aching from being cringed together, in anticipation for the end. He stole a glance at ork above him, and then the axe was swung. Tony shut his eyes, and prayed, "Saradomin, forgive me." Silently waiting for the moment that would end this all, he was surprised to hear the sound of metal on stone. Surprised he once again looked up and saw the ork kick a stone aside. The ork reached a hand into his belt pouch and grabbed a knife. In one slash he undid the bounds on Tony’s mouth, hands and legs. Before he could cry out the ork covered his mouth and put a finger to it, saying to be silent.

The Ork tossed the knife to Tony, and motioned to his brethren. Half understanding the message Tony slowly followed the Ork to the camp. The ork motioned for Tony to go into the woods. As he walked where the Ork had pointed he heard, “On my signal, I want you to stab the Chief in the back.” One nervous step after another brought him into the woods, twice he had cracked a stick, and twice the Ork had settled his companions down. Once he got settled he waited for hours, time passed easier when he counted in his head. “4,910,” he thought then he saw the Ork stand up, grab his axe, and behead his nearest companion. “If this isn’t a signal,” thought Tony, “I don’t know what is.”

Breaking through the trees into a clearing he took the dagger and with speed he didn’t even know he possessed brought the blade into the back of the Chief. A cry startled Tony, the ork rose and reached a hand to his back. After a couple of tries the ork grabbed him and threw him to the ground. Smack! Tony moaned as his head once again hit a rock. The all to familiar feeling of the throbbing in his head and his eyes swimming returned. After a couple moments he remembered what was going on. Quickly he got onto his hands and knees, and rammed his head into the ork’s stomach. Startled, the ork fell backwards into the fire. The screams that came from the dying creature where unlike any Tony had ever heard before, the beast was in agony that was for sure. The Ork who helped Tony took a stride to fire, and with a quick swing beheaded his former leader..

The Ork sighed and looked at Tony. “Humans,” he thought, “Always hurting them selves in some random fashion.” Tony, his breathing staggered, let three words escape his mouth, “Thank you…. Sir.” The Ork responded, “There’s no need for such titles Antonio Bowman, but for the sake of communications, call me Thirgt.” The Ork or Thirgt could use human tongue astounded him. Tony nervously responded with, “But it is customary, and seeing as how you have saved my life I am in your debt.” He took a breath knowing this could lead to bad things, and said “Call me Tony.” Thirgt responded again and said, “If you wish so, then I shall honor it.” With his left arm Thirgt scooped up some dirt, tossed it into the fire. Tony followed suit, extinguishing the fire, to hide their location.