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Sweet Dreams[edit | edit source]

Tony’s stomach welcomed the warm meat as he chewed on the deer’s ribs. He was upset that he had overcooked it the outside of the deer was slightly charred. “Still,” he thought, “It’s better than no food at all.” Tony imagined what a sight he must have looked like, coming back to their make shift camp, covered in blood, dragging a deer behind him. Thirgt was still asleep when he returned. The only thing that had changed was his position. “I need to wake him up soon,” Tony said to himself. “The longer we’re here in the forest, the greater the chance is that we’ll die.” Tony slowly rose to his feet, and walked to the fire, his knees creaked as he sat down.

Running his fingers through his dark brown hair he tried to think. “Well, I could try splashing water on his head, but… We’re too low on water to do that...” Tony moaned and pulled on his hair. While pulling on his hair he noticed that his hands slipped out, this gave him an idea. “This isn’t going to work,” he said to himself as he carefully collected a piece of meat from his poorly built spit. Holding it in two arms he walked over to Thirgt and waved it in front of his nose. Thirgt batted the meat away at first, treating it like a pest. After several minutes of persistently waving the deer at his nose Thirgt stopped swatting at it and sniffed.

It was more of a snort than a sniff, it was so strong it drew the meat against his nostrils. Thirgt’s eyes lightly opened then immediately closed and he moaned. He slowly raised his hand and slowly rubbed his head where he had been hit. Tony stood silently while Thirgt muttered to him self, it might have been some sort of curse in what ever language it is orks use. Thirgt with his eyes still closed spoke softly to Tony, “Where am I?” Tony took a breath and replied, “We’re still in the clearing Th-” “What of that wretched Hunter?” Tony looked at the ground, he had tried to forget about him. “I killed him, there was a struggle, but he lost in the end.” Thirgt tried opening his eyes again, the process looked painful. Thirgt looked at Tony, his mouth slowly cracked open, “Tell me in detail what happened.”

“Well, the fight started after he knocked you out. He was going to kill us, I taunted him and he dove on me.” Tony retold the entire experience in detail, all the while Thirgt did not move once. His eyes were closed in concentration, listening to every word. “… After I kicked him away and backed up several feet, I drew my dagger and charged at him. He was in the process of drawing his own, but he was too slow. Before he was able to get it out I had plunged the blade into his neck.” Tony remembered his eyes, they stared into the sky in anguish, in sorrow. Tony furrowed his brow and shivered, “I remember his eyes, they just looked to have given up, they looked sad.” After what seemed like hours of silence Thirgt looked up at Tony. “You didn’t have to kick the Hunter, slamming his head against a rock would have worked.”

Tony laughed when Thirgt said this, he was back to being himself. No more strange mutterings in his sleep, just normal Thirgt. Tony’s eyes lit up, “Thirgt, I have a question.” Without moving his head up Thirgt grumbled what sounded to be, “Go ahead and ask.” Tony wasted no time in asking, “Who is Silphy? Why were you talking about her in your sleep? Was your finding me and helping me truly and accident?” Thirgt held up his hands, indicating for Tony to be quiet. “Do you truly want an answer to these questions?” Tony nodded in response, not wishing to have another outburst. Thirgt sighed and gazed at the stars, like he had done so many times before. “Then I shall answer, be wary though for knowing these truths could haunt you more than your killings.”