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Tony stared at Thirgt and wondered what could possibly haunt him, when he was only being told a few facts. Tony asked Thirgt this question, and only received the response, “Who said I was telling you anything?” This statement puzzled Tony, how could one confess the truth with out talking about it, it just didn’t seem possible. Tony watched Thirgt as he carefully pulled a glove onto his left hand. He then proceeded to undo three straps, and placed a cover on the ground. Tony gasped as he looked at the gloves palm, there was a bright red eye, swiveling around.

“I can see your curiosity Tony,” Thirgt had donned a more serious expression. “This glove was made by the same deity who created the Cave of Ages.” This piqued Tony’s curiosity even more. “Well what does it do?” He asked, his voice resonated with excitement. “This glove, the Eye of the Divine, allows memories, knowledge, or experiences to be implanted into someone’s consciousness.” Suddenly Tony got angry, “Then why didn’t you use it to let me learn the stretches, or the sword stances?!?!” Thirgt laughed, “Well it seems simple when I tell you. I didn’t use it then, because you wouldn’t have truly learned anything. Any mistakes, or experiences are yours, but the glove does have a downsides, but I’ll tell you that later, know stand still.” Tony obeyed and watched Thirgt reach out his hand, and place the eye on his forehead.

Information surged through Tony’s forehead. He saw a woman, clothed in black robes, she looked nervous, her crimson red hair was blowing in the intense wind. She was talking, but to who, and who was she? The answer suddenly came to Tony, she was Silphy, and she was talking to Thirgt. Her real name was Sylvia and she was the woman who had instructed Tony to go to the cave. She was thought to be a powerful Seer, and she worked for the Dark Eye as Chief Strategist for their forces. She was 26, and had worked for them most of her life. The thought was ripped away and more swirled in his mind.

Tony moaned as more thoughts rushed through his head. He saw Thirgt raise his left arm, and then slam it into the ground. Suddenly the orks Tony and Thirgt had killed appeared. What had just happened? The same as before the information came to him. Thirgt had summoned them, created them from materials in the forest. They were meant as a test, to see if Tony was ready for combat. Why try to test me, and what for? Suddenly the conversation between Thirgt and Sylvia was audible. “Are you sure this boy is who you say he is Silphy?” She nodded, “Thirgt if I’m wrong this time, I’ll do your chores for a month.” Thirgt laughed and nodded, “We need to find the heir, and soon.”

Tony opened his eyes and looked around him. The input of information had stopped. He wondered what Thirgt had meant, “So I’m supposed to be an heir to something, but what?” As he looked up to ask Thirgt he saw him, lying on the ground, moaning. “Thirgt!” Tony yelled and rushed to him. Thirgt coughed, “I told you there was a down side to the Eye of the Divine, and it is to keep the balance.” Thirgt coughed once more, “When ever someone uses it, they are drained of a tremendous amount of energy.” Tony looked concerned, “So…” he gulped, “Are you going to die?” Thirgt released a painful chuckle, “No Tony, I’ll just be extremely tired for a few days.” Tony sighed with relief, then gathered the courage to ask Thirgt his question. “Thirgt, in the vision, you said I was supposed to be an heir, but what am I the heir too?” Thirgt looked serious, more so than before, “Antonio Bowman, you are the last remaining heir to the House of Zaros.”