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The Dark Lord Rises[edit | edit source]

What they saw was this, the Mahjarrat known as Azzandra was forcing people to build a gigantic clay statue of the Lord of Darkness. Arhim was once again the only one to speak and he said,” My brothers, I fear all is lost, for the Lord of Darkness will rise once more, and punish us for opposing his reign. This greatly startled the others for normally Arhim was the optimistic one, and his forecast of doom seemed like it would be true. So already knowing what may be in store for them, they marched forward ready to silence their creator for ever. It was at this time that Azzandra took notice of the current events and shouted in a harsh demonic language, which is all but lost, and ordered his slaves to destroy the brothers.

Almost instantly Arhim had snared a large portion of the slaves with his spell, while Torag was knocking them out using his mighty double-hammers. As the brothers advanced they saw the whole immensity of the situation. Azzandra had just finished muttering and incantation and a barrier of solid light had surrounded him, protecting him from any physical, or magical attack. This worried them because now Arhim seemed to be right. So finally, they had found one equal to their strength and in fact he had surpassed them. Laughing, Guthan stated, “My brothers, it seems that we can finally have fun in battle so let us fight!” At this moment they had charged the rest of the advancing slaves, though Karil had snuck back outside because he had an idea. The brothers did not notice this until after all of the slaves had been subdued and they were, unfortunately captured without their brother’s help.

Now is when Karil unknowingly saved all of Runescape. Karil had noticed as the arrived to the pyramids that that for obelisks surround it were glowing. When he arrived to the first one, he quickly noticed that there was a thick black cloud of smoke that surrounded the glass. So out of pure curiosity he shot at it and it exploded, a white light ran down the path his bolt had gone, and like his brothers a power was awoken deep inside his weapon. This when he realized that the objects in these obelisks were powerful and could be useful to them in their battle. He scaled each obelisk and grabbed the objects which turned out to be four unique looking diamonds.

This is when he rushed into the pyramid and yelled, “My brothers strike a diamond and gain great power!” Though the only ones able to do so were Dharok, who struck the Diamond of Blood, Arhim, who hit the Diamond of Ice and Torag who struck the Diamond of Shadow. As the battle drew to a close a man was outside the pyramid chuckling to him self. The man’s name was Sliske. He chuckled as his hands emitted a white light. The brothers named Dharok, Arhim, and Torag began glowing as they struck a diamond as Karil had before them. He chuckled again and then vanished. Like their brothers before them they were engulfed in white light and became stronger than they had before, and as this power was released, Azzandra*s was subsided, and the brothers all getting at least one hit in. Arhim cast a spell that imprisoned Azzandra in a coffin for all of eternity.

Then Verac noticed the statue started to move and yelled to his brothers as he jumped off of a trestle and at the statue flail swinging wildly above him. He smashed into the statue with terrible force, making a huge crack along The Lord of Darkness’ arm there was a loud bang as clay rained to the floor.

Zaros quickly responded and barked something in an ancient tongue. Arhim felt dark magic pulsing from the god, and quickly erected a shield around his brothers. The blast struck the shield with such intensity Arhim began to bleed as his life force began draining just to shield them from certain death. When the blast ended, there was dust everywhere. Karil lifted his cross bow motioned to Torag and Arhim and took aim. He fired a single bolt, and with Arhim's help the bolt headed toward Zaros. Zaros lazily reached to flick it away with his remaining arm, but suddenly his hand was gone. From below he heard one of the humans scream "TORAG HIT HIM HARDER!" Shocked he glanced at his arm to see the human with hammers running along its length, striking at it, and letting it crumble.

Arhim uttered a single phrase and the brothers were hurtled at the Empty Lord. Dharok took no time to attack the god. CRACK! The sound echoed through out the room, the lord’s head had been lopped off. As it fell to the ground the clay fell apart. The god had left his body. It was done.

The brothers gathered around Dharok and cheered. The slaves, who where almost forgotten about began crying out in fear. Arhim glance, and released their magical bonds he had rushed to place on them. Then, with the motions from his brothers, teleported them away. As the brothers opened their eyes, they were once again, in the forsaken lands of Mortyania.