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His eyes opened, and stones fell from his lashes. He moved his arms and pulled himself from the rock wall. Wearily he gazed upon his once beautiful world, ravaged by death and destruction. Anger boiled up inside of him, "It must end." He said, "IT MUST END!" He yelled with such ferocity that even the clouds stopped in their lazy paths. Taking two powerful strides, he leapt into the air, and became an eagle.

He soared above the clouds, the wind carried the cries of those who had fallen to his sorrowful ears. He glanced down towards the earth, stricken with the scars of war, below him was a large battle at least a league around. There were beings mindlessly slaughtering each other. He cried out with ferocity, "STOP THIS MEANINGLESS BATTLE NOW!" The words echoed across the lands, but none headed to his demands. This further angered him.

He folded his wings in and dove, as he dove he transformed into a man once more. There was an explosion as he hit the ground, and the air rippled away from where he landed. People, animals, giants, everything around him were turned into magnificently beautiful white trees, the blood that ran through the ground became a lake of water. A breeze blew across the hill, and the new trees swayed in the wind, the lake gently rippled. As he stood up and looked around, not a single being dared move.

After several moments of silence, a Zamorakian solider walked forward, raised his sword and pointed it at the being, “Why should we listen to you? For all we know you could be working to control this area for yourself, get us to turn against our sovereign lords.” The man sighed, “I have no idea what you mean by your sovereign lords, or why I would want to control this area, for it is mine, and always has been.” The soldier laughed and looked at the being, “I highly doubt that, but because of your ignorance I will kill you in the name of Zamorak!”

The soldier charged at the being, his comrades, and his enemies stood still, waiting to see what would happen. The soldier was several feet away, he started yelling and raised his sword to strike. The being rushed forward, grabbed the soldiers head, they both stopped instantly. The man started screaming in pain, light erupted from his mouth and eyes. “Your soul is tainted with the deaths of others, your life has been about nothing but to kill.” The beings voice resounded around the land, “I sentence your soul to be bound to this land, to forever wander its hills and valleys for all time.” The soldiers surrounding the two began laughing, the being looked up and spoke, “Each of you will now be tested,” the area became filled with light. The being cried as he watched their memories, all of the people they slaughtered. Only a few were innocent.

He stopped, and hung his head, the soldier he was holding fell to the ground. He began to speak, but his mouth did not move. “This war…. is being fought over control of land?” His voice echoed across the globe, the ground shook with intensity. He raised both of his hands skyward, and made the motion of grabbing something with each. As he brought his arms down towards the ground, both darkness and light swathed the landscape once more. “Saradomin! Zamorak!” the yells came from the soldiers, all in the voice of the being. “You have scarred this landscape with your war, and it will end now.” The gods fell to the ground, unable to use their powers to break the bonds holding them.

The being raised his hands and clapped them together, the hundreds of soldiers disappeared, their bodies destroyed, and their souls bound to the earth as they were commanded. “Now, your punished will be decided.” The being folded his arms and sat down. The gods looked at each other, frightened that something could tame their powers from them. “I have decided on a punishment.” The being stood and raised his hands, the gods ascended into the air, “You , or any other god will no longer be allowed in this realm. You can not directly interfere with this world’s affairs, unless it is to deal directly with your followers. If these rules are broken, this world will be remade with such ferocity that it will not be recognizable. All beings will perish, as will you.” Zamorak felt courage well up inside of him, “Who are you to punish us, the gods, the most powerful beings to ever walk this land?” The being laughed, “You are nowhere near being the most powerful beings, as for me, I am Guthix, and my word is absolute.”

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