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General[edit | edit source]

Hi, I'm Bill Harford. I have been a RS player on the free realms since late '05. Currently, I do not log on much, but over the last few years my playing habits have ranged from occasionally to several hours per day for months.

Highlights[edit | edit source]

The highlights of my career are several, seeing as I spent almost all my time leveling skills, and I trained everything evenly. One of my most special achievements was making clvl 100 (I am currently clvl 104).

Favourite Activities[edit | edit source]

My favourite thing about RS was gaining experience and leveling up, so it is hard to single out even a handful of favourite activities. Activities that spring to mind, however, are training my Ranged in the Stronghold of Security, woodcutting a lone yew east of Draynor Village, fishing in Karamja and mining my favourite six coal rocks in the Mining Guild. My favourite skill in the game is Fishing.

Goals[edit | edit source]

I am currently working on getting my Runecrafting to level 70 by making Body Tiaras. After that, I plan to raise my Prayer to level 70, and then hope to raise my Fishing to level 99. Calculating the time to completion of those tasks at a year or more, I have not thought of goals after those. Perhaps I will become a member to get my 99 Fishing cape :)

Personal[edit | edit source]

On the servers, I am known for my ritualism in training my skills and my etiquette whilst training. I have a system for how I go for targets (esp. mining nodes and monsters), and never fight for them or steal them. I was quite social when I first started playing, but due to large periods of absence have now lost touch with practically everybody on my Friends List.

Statistics - Last Updated: 09/05/09[edit | edit source]

  • Highest level skill: Cooking lvl 90 XP 5,704,530 Rank 94,955
  • Lowest level skill: Prayer lvl 58 XP 224,497 Rank 360,249
  • Overall level: 1172 XP 32,589,164 Rank 763,111
  • Highest ranked skill: Smithing lvl 75 XP 1,300,975 Rank 46,932
  • Lowest ranked skill: Ranged lvl 73 XP 1,029,352 Rank 461,550