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Total level: 1467
Attack 78Constitution 1Mining 69
Strength 78Agility 54Smithing 67
Defence 77Herblore 57Fishing 80
Ranged 78Thieving 57Cooking 69
Prayer 61Crafting 66Firemaking 58
Magic 73Fletching 66Woodcutting 65
Runecrafting 49Slayer 53Farming 49
Construction 53Hunter 56Summoning 49
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 103Quests 226
Music 488Tasks ----RuneScore ----
As of 04 October 2008.
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Hello, and welcome to my user page. My RuneScape character's name is 'Bigd56', and I am currently a Member. I joined the RuneScape Wiki on June 1st, 2008, and I've been playing RuneScape since mid-june 2004. Regrettably, I've missed several holiday events that I wish I would've attended, including several Halloween, Easter, and Christmas events.

I don't really have that much money in RuneScape, at the time of writing this, I have around 2 mil in cash and 6 mil+ in items. I typically try to level my combat stats as balanced as possible. I don't know why, but I do anyways. Also, I like to train my skills as well. I made quite a bit of money off Fishing and Mining, and I am currently working on leveling Smithing, Farming, Fletching, and Runecrafting.

I've done many of the Quests in the game, and I was once working for the Quest Cape, which I didn't yet get. Maybe once I get higher levels I will be able to finish the rest of the Quests. However, I am currently hoping to complete all the achievement diary tasks. I have a nice little section below somewhere that shows my current progress in the achievement diaries.

I often edit RuneScape Wiki while playing, most often when I am doing boring things with little or no chance of death. I've made hundreds of edits, many of which were huge edits, such as the Gem Cutting Calculator which was created from scratch entirely by me. It is one of my proudest edits on the wiki, as it was difficult to do and I learned quite a but about how wiki code works. In addition to that, I will revert any vandalism on sight. I also do minor edits, such as welcoming new users to the wiki by adding a Welcome Message to their talk page.

I also sometimes will add updates from the official RuneScape website if they aren't copied yet, make many useful redirect pages, add templates, such as this one I made, and write guides for new content that comes out such as the new minigame The Great Orb Project, as well as improve upon existing material. In addition to that I am often updating my user page when I level up skills or accomplish something.

From time to time I will add images as well, usually in PNG format, as it produces better quality images than jpegs because JPEG images have compression artifacts, however I can also create animated .gifs.

I am also an administrator on [[w:c:FunOrb|FunOrb Wiki]], which I make many edits and other changes (themes, templates, etc.) on. My [[w:c:FunOrb|FunOrb Wiki]] user page can be found [[w:c:FunOrb:User:Bigd56|here]]. I once attempted to become an administrator here, but unfortunately, my nomination was unsuccessful, mainly because not that many people here knew me enough that they wanted to voice their support for my nomination. Since nobody here seems to trust me yet, I'm not going to apply to become an administrator for a while, but anyone ends up nominating me, I'll agree to become an admin. For now, rollback rights should suffice, and I can just ask admins here to make edits to protected pages MediaWiki_talk:Common.css/hilite#MAJOR_Changes_of_Wikia.27s_Staff.21|such as this one every time I want a change made.

Due to the semi-large amount of content on my userpage, I suggest using the Table of Contents to find what you are looking for.

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Current Non-Skill Related Goals[edit | edit source]

  • Unlock the Air Guitar Emote by obtaining 500 pieces of music.
  • Become champion of the Fight Caves, and get a Fire Cape.
  • Get Full Void. [I already have the void top.]
  • Get a Draconic Visage from Black Dragons, and make lots of money. =]

Current Skill Goals (For Achievement Diaries)[edit | edit source]

To complete all the Achievement Diaries, I need certain levels in certain skills. Here are graphs which show how close I am towards reaching these levels:

Farming 13%
49  70 
21 levels
Smithing 55%
66  73 
7 levels

Current Skill Goals (For Other Things)[edit | edit source]

In order to play the minigame titled 'The Great Orb Project', I need to get to level 50 Runecrafting. Here is my current progress:

Runecrafting 96%
49  50 
1 level

How I Plan To Level Farming[edit | edit source]

To get 70 farming I Will Need To:

  • Plant and Pick 2708 Irit Leaves.
  • Plant an additional 10732 Irits.

In all, I will need 12808 Irit Seeds which will cost me around 618,240 to buy. Unfortunately, Irit Seeds take a long time to buy. Grimy Irits sell for around 1k each, so I will make that money back plus a lot more if I successfully plant these herbs. If I get more than one Irit per plant, that is even better. To attempt to ensure the Irits grow successfully I will be using Enchanted Secateurs in addition to Super Compost for the Irits I will be picking.

The 2708 Irit Leaves take 70 minutes each to grow. I can grow four at a time, and use teleports to get to the patches at: West of the ectofuntus, South of Fallador, North of Ardougne, and North of Catherby. Because I can grow four Irit Plants at once, I will only need to wait 70 minutes a total of 677 times, adding up to 47390 minutes, which is the same as 790 Hours or 33 days. That's actually less time than planting maple trees. However, I can do other things while farming, such as fishing lobsters/sharks or smithing cannonballs until 73 smithing, which I also need to complete the Varrock Hard Achievement Diary Tasks. Because I will make more money from selling the irits and either fishing or smithing, I have determined that this is the most affordable way for me to level farming.

As for the 10732 Irits that I only need to plant, I do not even have to use super compost or wait for them to grow. In fact, I can just bring the seeds and a spade and dig them up as soon as I plant them for the experience. Regularly, this would be an insane waste of money, but because of selling the Irit leaves that I would've grown, I'm still making more money than I'm losing, and Im saving 187810 minutes worth of waiting for irits to grow, which is roughly 5 months.

In addition to the cost of the Irit Seeds, I will also need to buy teleports [excluding near the ectofuntus due to my ectophial] and Super Compost for each Irit Plant I will be growing. I will need even more if any plants fail to grow which is almost certain.

If all plants grow successfully and none become diseased and die, I will need to use:

  • 2708 Super Compost (1,887,476 gp)
  • 677 Ectophial Charges (Free - Luckily!)
  • 677 Falador Teleports (253,198 gp)
  • 677 Camelot Teleports (262,676 gp)
  • 677 Ardougne Teleports (445,466 gp)

Current Progress In Leveling Farming[edit | edit source]

A special thanks to User:Calebchiam for noticing an error in my calculations and notifying me through my talk page! Unfortunately due to the slow speed of the grand exchange, I'm still waiting for somebody else to sell Irit Seeds I've given up on Irit seeds selling for now. Instead, I plan to use up all 600 of the Irit Seeds I bought, and then plant Sweetcorn, Marigolds, and Ranarrs. Also, thanks to a useful tip by User:Green day333, I'll also be planting orange trees for quicker experience. I'll continue training my farming levels eventually, I'm working on other skills at the moment.

Achievement Diary Task Checklist[edit | edit source]

Below is a my current progress on completing the various Task map icon.png Achievement Diary tasks in the game.

Explorer's ring 3.png Lumbridge Achievement Diary (All Tasks) Explorer's ring 3.png
Karamja gloves 3.png Karamja Achievement Diary (All Tasks) Karamja gloves 3.png
Varrock armour 2.png Varrock Achievement Diary (Easy and Medium) Varrock armour 2.png
Varrock armour 3.png Varrock Achievement Diary (Hard Tasks) Varrock armour 3.png
  • Pick poison ivy from your bush Farming patch in Varrock.

Quest Checklist[edit | edit source]

The following table shows my progress in completing Quest map icon.png Quests. It was originally created by me, Bigd56. Feel free to modify it and use it on your own user page however you like, as long as you include this paragraph or something similar. Making this table was a lot of work.

Completed Quest
Partially Completed Quest
Not Started Quest
Mandatory Quests
Learning the Ropes
Non-Members Quests
Black Knights' Fortress
Cook's Assistant
Demon Slayer
Doric's Quest
Dragon Slayer
Ernest the Chicken
Goblin Diplomacy
Imp Catcher
The Knight's Sword
Pirate's Treasure
Prince Ali Rescue
The Restless Ghost
Romeo & Juliet
Rune Mysteries
Sheep Shearer
Shield of Arrav
Vampire Slayer
Witch's Potion
Members Only Quests
All Fired Up
Animal Magnetism
Another Slice of H.A.M.
As a First Resort...
Back to my Roots
Between a Rock...
Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Cabin Fever
Catapult Construction
Clock Tower
Cold War
Creature of Fenkenstrain
Darkness of Hallowvale
Dealing with Scabaras
Death Plateau
Death to the Dorgeshuun
Desert Treasure
Devious Minds
Digsite Quest
Dream Mentor
Druidic Ritual
Dwarf Cannon
Eadgar's Ruse
Eagles' Peak
Elemental Workshop I
Elemental Workshop II
Enakhra's Lament
Enlightened Journey
Eyes of Glouphrie, the
Fairy Tale Part I, a
Fairy Tale Part II, a
Family Crest
The Feud
Fight Arena
Fishing Contest
Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf
Fremennik Isles, the
Fremennik Trials, the
Garden of Tranquility
Gertrude's Cat
Ghosts Ahoy
Giant Dwarf, the
Golem, the
Grand Tree, the
Great Brain Robbery, the
Grim Tales
Hand in the Sand, the
Haunted Mine
Hazeel Cult
Heroes Quest
Holy Grail
Horror from the Deep
Icthlarin's Little Helper
In Aid of the Myreque
In Search of the Myreque
Jungle Potion
Kennith's Concerns
King's Ransom
Land of the Goblins
Legacy of Seergaze
Legends Quest
Lost City
Lost Tribe, the
Lunar Diplomacy
Making History
Meeting History
Merlin's Crystal
Monkey Madness
Monk's Friend
Mountain Daughter
Mourning's Ends Part I
Mourning's Ends Part II
Murder Mystery
My Arm's Big Adventure
Nature Spirit
Observatory Quest
Olaf's Quest
One Small Favour
Path of Glouphrie, the
Perils of Ice Mountain
Plague City
Priest in Peril
Rag and Bone Man
Rat Catchers
Recipe for Disaster
Recruitment Drive
Roving Elves
Rocking Out
Royal Trouble
Rum Deal
Scorpion Catcher
Sea Slug
Shades of Mort'ton
Shadow of the Storm
Sheep Herder
Shilo Village
Slug Menace
Smoking Kills
Soul's Bane, a
Spirit of Summer
Spirits of the Elid
Swan Song
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
Tail of Two Cats, a
Tears of Guthix
Temple of Ikov
Throne of Miscellania
Tourist Trap, the
Tower of Life
Tree Gnome Village
Tribal Totem
Troll Romance
Troll Stronghold
Underground Pass
Waterfall Quest
What Lies Below
Witch's House
Wolf Whistle
Zogre Flesh Eaters