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Dailies[edit | edit source]

Per run we could make 1500 Bakriminel bolts

Inputs (604,787)
1500 x Bakriminel bolt tips(300,000)
1 x Beaver pouch(2,331)
7 x Bloodweed incense sticks (302,456) Overload and then use all other

Profit: (4,464,544)

The trees are located in the following locations:

Location Map Transportation
North-east of the Demonic Ruins
  1. Wilderness Volcano Lodestone
  2. Wilderness obelisks to level 50 Wilderness
Next to the Chaos Temple
  1. Wilderness obelisks to level 18 Wilderness
South of the Pirates' Hideout
  1. Wilderness sword 4 to the Wilderness Agility Course
At the Manor Farm
  1. Run north east to the entrace for Mage Arena
  2. Manor farm teleport
The Ritual Plateau
  1. Fairy ring code DKQ
  2. Run north to exit the cave, then west
Soul Wars
  1. Ring of respawn to Soul Wars (4)
Near the Darkmeyer Arboretum
  1. Drakan's medallion to Darkmeyer (4)
In the Gorajo resource dungeon in Prifddinas
  1. Dungeoneering cape to Gorajo resource dungeon (0,0,1)
Bakriminel bolt tips 5.pngBloodweed incense sticks.pngBeaver pouch.png
Ring of respawn.png
Wilderness sword 4.pngPortable fairy ring.pngDrakan's medallion.pngDungeoneering cape.png
Lumberjack aura.png
Nature's sentinel helm.png
Pocket slot.png
Fletching cape.png
Neck slot.png
Ammo slot.png
Augmented crystal hatchet.png
Nature's sentinel chest.png
Augmented enhanced Excalibur.png
Nature's sentinel trunks.png
Nature's sentinel branch.png
Nature's sentinel boots.png
Ring of Whispers.png
Crafted bolt Time
600 10:30min
1400 16:30min

Check best herb: Calculator:Farming/Herbs
Check best herb: Seeds#Mushroom
Check best bush: Calculator:Farming/Fruit_picking#Berry_Bushes
Check best fruit tree: Calculator:Farming/Fruit_picking#Fruit_trees

Elemental battlestaff.pngJuju farming potion (1).pngRimmington tablet.pngTombshroom spore 5.png
Giant ent pouch.pngModified botanist's mask.pngPortable fairy ring.pngSpirit weed seed 5.png
Wolpertinger pouch.pngBloodweed seed 5.png
Grapevine seed 5.png
Limpwurt seed 5.png
Portent of item protection.pngLaw rune.pngAstral rune.pngHooded magic cape (t).png
Legendary greenfingers aura.png
Master farmer hat.png
Attuned crystal teleport seed.png
Hooded farming cape (t).png
Grace of the elves.png
Tirannwn quiver 4.png
Wilderness sword 4.png
Master farmer jacket.png
Augmented enhanced Excalibur.png
Master farmer legwear.png
Master farmer gloves.png
Master farmer boots.png
Ring of Whispers.png
Inputs (1,220,156) Outpup (0)
2 x Tombshroom spore(3,504) 55 x Tombshroom(166,870)
6 x Spirit weed seed(197,820) 75 x Clean spirit weed(1,346,100)
1 x Bloodweed seed(81,282) 15 x Clean bloodweed(387,030)
16 x Grapevine seed(915,792)

17 x Grapes of Zamorak(132,039)
13 x Grapes of Guthix(28,171)
9 x Grapes of Saradomin(1,321,515)

4 x Limpwurt seed(18,208) 25 x Limpwurt root(110,775)
4 x Law rune(1,540)
5 x Astral rune(2,010)
65 x Coconut(554,060)
45 x Poison ivy berries(356,445)
6 x Dragonfruit(116,868)
Location Map Transportation
Any bank
  1. Using Hooded magic cape (t) change spellbook to Lunar spells
West of Champions' Guild
  1. Teleport to varrock lodestone
  2. Run west to Champions' Guild
  3. Summon Wolpertinger pouch
  1. Teleport Rimmington tablet
Ardougne Monastery
  1. Teleport Kandarin monastery Teleport
Inner Circle of the Crwys section of Prifddinas
  1. Teleport with Attuned crystal teleport seed(5)
  2. Pick Bush patch
  3. Activate Legendary greenfingers aura
  4. Drink Juju farming potion (1)
  5. Pick Herb patch
South-west Etceteria
  1. Using near Spirit tree teleport to Etceteria(7)
  2. Run north
North of the Wilderness Volcano in the Wilderness
  1. Teleport using Wilderness sword 4
  2. Run south to Wilderness Volcano (reach below 30 Level)
  1. Equip Elemental battlestaff
  2. Teleport with Trollheim Teleport spell
West of Draynor
  1. Teleport with South Falador Teleport spell
  2. Pick Bush patch
  3. Pick Herb patch
West of Port Phasmatys
  1. Equip Wilderness sword 4 and Augmented enhanced Excalibur
  2. Teleport with Modified farmer's hat
  3. Pick Bush patch
  4. Pick Herb patch
North of Ardougne
  1. Telelport with Manor farm Teleport
  2. Pick Bush patch
  3. Pick Herb patch
North of Catherby
  1. Telelport with Modified botanist's mask
  2. Pick Bush patch
  3. Pick Herb patch
East of Catherby
  1. Dismiss Wolpertinger pouch
  2. Summon Giant ent pouch
  3. From patch run east
Herblore Habitat
  1. Teleport with Master farmer hat (Morytania)
  1. Teleport with Attuned crystal teleport seed (1)
Meilyr Clan section in the north north east of Prifddinas
  1. Teleport with Attuned crystal teleport seed (9)
  2. Run north
West of Tree Gnome Village maze
  1. Run north to Gnome glider (7)
Gnome Stronghold
  1. Teleport with Gnome glider (1)
  2. Run downstairs south
North of Brimhaven
  1. Teleport with Spirit tree (8)
Al Kharid
  1. Lodestone to Al Kharid
  2. Run north east
Imperial district of Menaphos
  1. Lodestone to Menaphos
  2. Run west, then north
West of Canifis
  1. Portable fairy ring code CKS
South-west of Tirannwn lodestone, Isafdar
  1. Teleport with Tirannwn quiver 4(7)
North of McGrubor's Wood
  1. Lodestone to Seers' Village
  1. Lodestone to Yanille
North of Lumbridge farm
  1. Lodestone to Varrock
  1. Lodestone to Port Sarim
  2. Run east to port near monks
  3. Deposit all weapons and armour