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CapedCarousersBeerNoWordsNoBackgroundcopy-1.png --Big Dave is a member of the --= (-% Caped Carousers %-)

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Quest point cape.

Helm of neitiznot (e).png The Fremennik know Big Dave as Jardur Far-Strider

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Balance is power.

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Big Dave
Total level: 1975
Attack 82 Constitution 84 Mining 82
Strength 82 Agility 77 Smithing 80
Defence 82 Herblore 74 Fishing 84
Ranged 86 Thieving 74 Cooking 88
Prayer 74 Crafting 80 Firemaking 75
Magic 84 Fletching 83 Woodcutting 82
Runecrafting 75 Slayer 77 Farming 76
Construction 75 Hunter 75 Summoning 74
Dungeoneering 70 Divination ---- Invention ----
Archaeology ---- Attack style icon fixed.png 85 Quest.png 316
Music icon.png 732/765 Task icon.png All Hard Done RuneScore.png ----

70+ All of this user's skills are 70+.

Adamant sword.png This user has only one RuneScape account.

Octagon-warning.svg This user voted "No" on the Wilderness and Free Trade Vote.

Hey, my name is David. I play Runescape as Big Dave. I have been playing since after the 2006 Easter Event and before the 2006 Halowe'en Event. As far as I am concerned, Quests are the best part of Runescape and are the main (only??) reason I keep playing.
I gained my Questcape for the first time sometime in November 2008.

Quest point hood.png Big Dave Quest point cape.png