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Hey, I am Bf101007 (presently 1o1o). I am 90 combat, and I am currently F2P. World 75 was my home world, and world 76 for member. I have 99 Cooking, Woodcutting, Magic, Firemaking, Construction, Smithing, and Thieving (gotten in that order). I joined Runescape in the Fall of 2008. I quit Runescape in the Spring of 2010, but play occasionally for enjoyment in my free time.

My best Runescape friend is Sweet Puffz (Puffz). I was the leader of my old skilling clan 1010skillz.

Some of my current goals:

56/60 Slayer

91/99 Fletching

86/90 Runecrafting

78/80 Hunter

Other goals:

Recently achieved goals:

20M Firemaking XP

My newest skillcape