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Bewbyman 5 is a non-existant account, a lie, made up by the truthless Medley. The reasons for this were simple: Out of him and 2 friends, he used to be the best. Then due to his incompetance they overtook him. This spawned a raging jealousy so he pretended he used to have a really good account but it got banned. These are all the claims he has made about it before. You will see they clearly contradict.
My Ranged Level is 1.
My Ranged Level is 99.
My Hitpoints Level is 83.
My Hitpoints Level is 99.
My Defence Level is 99.
My Defence Level is 83.
I had a clan chat 4 years asgo (previous to the existance of Clan Chats on RuneScape)
I raced necrhylciade to 99 mage but he got there when I was only level 93 Magic.
I am Level 1 Magic.
I didn't do certain skills because I couldn't be bothered.
I autoed all my 99 skills. (so he didnt need to be bothered if he was autoing)
My account is permanently banned for an offensive name and excessive offensive language.
I just got membership without Jagex realising.
I'm unbanned now (yet I can never seem to meet anyone at request, and I am constantly on my other less advanced acount)
I spent my entire time at Blackgates on RS. (Blackgates Network doesnt have internet connection or Java)
My max hit is 38.
I could hit a 47 on you.
I went on Bewby last night and did this (yada, yada, yada....)
(When interrogated about contradicting levels) I wouldn't know, I haven't been on in a while (on the same day as the above.)

And there is more...

So, I ask, Medley for a simple request: GIVE UP!. It's fake, I know it's fake and so do you. And while you're there, you can shut up about this game and woodcutting liscence too, I ran out of BS bingo cards many moons ago.