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You are in a maze of twisty corridors all alike


Maintenance[edit | edit source]

Template Use Where to put it
{{cleanup|Reason}} Article needs attention for various reasons Top
{{Incomplete|Reason}} Article missing vital information Top
{{Inuse}} You are currently working on major changes to this article Top
{{NPOV}} Article is presented in a biased voice Top
{{Obsolete|Reason}} Article is outdated Top
{{Stub}} The article only contains basic information and there is unknown vital information to add Bottom
{{Sectstub}} Same as above, but for a specific section Underneath the header of the section
{{Construction}} The article is undergoing major changes, but not necessarily in progress Top
{{NeedPic}} Article is in need of pictures (outside of the infoboxes) Top
{{Too big}} Article contains too much extraneous code or prose Top
{{Disputed}} Article with factual information that is contested Top
{{Restricted title|reason}} Page title is different from in game name due to technical limitations; see Category:Pages with technically restricted titles Bottom

Related articles[edit | edit source]

Template Use Where to put it
{{Main|article}} Section has a relevant article Section header
{{HasStrategy}} Article has a relevant strategy subpage Top
{{Hasdialogue}} Article has a transcript of dialogue Relevant section
{{HasCalculator}} Article has a relevant calculator Top
{{HasMMG}} Article has a relevant money making guide Top
{{Has quick guide}} Article has a step-by-step version Top

List creation[edit | edit source]

Template Use
Drop tables; see RuneScape:Style guide/Drops tables
{{Dropping monsters list}} List of dropping monsters

List of available shops
{{Store locations list}} Shop stocks
{{Alphabetical header}} Create a formatted A–Z table of contents
{{top}} Link to return to top of the article

Inline templates[edit | edit source]

Template Use
{{fact}} Statements needs a reliable source cited
{{Nameupdate}} Statement needs update links for time reference
{{sic}} An error exists from the original source
{{AnchorText}} Give the text an id attribute for direct linking
{{GEP|item}} Fetches GEMW price for item; unformatted
{{GEPrice|item}} Fetches GEMW price for item; formatted with commas
{{(m)}} Specific to members; limit to lists and tables
{{purge}} Add a link to refresh a page cache
{{section link}} Link to a section of another article

Formatting[edit | edit source]

Template Use
{{FloorNumber}} Format floor numbers
{{clear}} Clear space after floating elements
{{kg}} Display weight properly
{{nbsp}} Intentional non-breaking spaces
{{=}} Literal "=" to avoid interpretation as syntax
{{*}} Inserts a bold bullet
{{RSFont}} Use the in-game font (currently MuseoSans)
{{Nowrap}} Keeps text on a single line
{{Fairycode}} Format fairy ring codes
{{Coins}} Format coin amounts with an image and colour
{{Key press}} Format keyboard strokes
{{UD}} Link to update articles

Disambiguation and redirection[edit | edit source]

Template Use Where to put it
{{Otheruses|description|other|link}} Other uses of the term Top
{{redirect|Location}} Article is main use of a term, links to disambiguation Top
{{redirect3|Location|Misc}} Article is main use of a term, link to custom articles Top
{{Confuse|page}} Similarly named articles that might cause confusion Top
{{WP|Article}} Linking to a Wikipedia article inline Inline; best limited to trivia; only use for distinct and unique terms
{{External|os|wp}} Article has a version on the Old School RuneScape Wiki, and/or Wikipedia Top

Infoboxes[edit | edit source]

Template Use
{{Infobox Bonuses}} Equipable items
{{Infobox Item}} Any item
{{Infobox Monster new}} Attackable NPCs
{{Infobox non-player character}} Non-attackable NPCs
{{Quest details}} Quest information
{{Weapon group}} Similarly classes weapons
{{Infobox prayer}} Prayers and curses
{{Infobox City}} Cities, towns, and other settlements
{{Infobox familiar}} Summoning familiars
{{Infobox shop}} Stores and markets
{{Infobox spell}} Magic spells
{{Infobox recipe}} Potions, cooking items
{{Disassembly}} Items that can be disassembled

Categorical[edit | edit source]

Template Use Where to put it
{{Disambig}} See RuneScape:Disambiguation Bottom
{{Deleted content}} Content completely removed from the game Top
{{Discontinued content}} Content that still exists but is no longer obtainable Top
{{Recurring content}} Content that was once accessible, and can be made accessible again Top
{{Disputed}} Article with factual information that is contested Top
{{Future}} Unreleased content; see RuneScape:Future content Top
{{Current}} Article is undergoing constant change due to dynamic or constantly changing nature Top
{{Historical article}} Subject no longer exists (either entirely or in this form) Top
{{Dialogue}} Article is a dialogue page Top

Requests[edit | edit source]

Template Use Where to put it
{{D|Reason}} Article needs immediate deletion (use for spam or player articles) Top
{{Rfd}} Creating a deletion request Top
{{Rfm|Other article}} Creating a merge request Top
{{Rfs|Other article}} Creating a split request Top

Talk: namespace[edit | edit source]

{{Previous rfd}}
{{Archive list}}

Template: namespace[edit | edit source]

Template Use
{{Navbox}} Main navbox creating template
{{Quest navbox}} Quest navbox creating template
{{plink|Item}} Image and text both linking to an item
{{chatl|NPC}} Image and text both linking to an NPC
{{Iconlink|subject with an icon}} Image and text both linking to the subject
{{QuestIcon}} Image (icon) and text both linking to a quest
{{ctg}} List of categories for a navbox
{{Template only}} Used for category exclusively for templates
{{Mainonly}} Include content only when on namespace; mostly for categories
{{Documentation}} Used on /doc pages; see RuneScape:Template policy#Documentation
{{Invokes}} Place on /doc pages of templates that use Lua; see RuneScape:Lua
{{=}} Literal "=" to avoid interpretation as syntax
{{*}} Inserts a bold bullet
{{PreloadPage}} Put on templates that have a preload available

File: namespace[edit | edit source]

Template Use
{{JPG}} jpeg files of in game content
{{Bestiary image}} Images taken from the RuneScape Bestiary
{{Trans}} Images that need background removed
{{Working on Trans}} Use when working on a file's transparency
{{Transl}} Images that need background removed from translucent subjects
{{Historical image|Reason}} Images that can't be retaken
{{Retake image|reason}} Catch all for retaking images
{{Retake animation|reason}} Animations that need retaking
{{Retake audio|reason}} Audio files that need retaking

Licensing[edit | edit source]

{{Inventory license}}
{{Detailed item license}}
{{Worn equipment license}}
{{Chathead license}}
{{Monster license}}
{{NPC license}}

User: namespace[edit | edit source]

Many different userboxes are available for placement on a user's page. See RuneScape:Userboxes for a listing.

{{User stats}}
{{User Pic stats}}
{{POH room}}
{{World times}}
{{Max cape colours}}

User talk: namespace[edit | edit source]

Template Use
{{Archive list}} List of previous discussion archives
{{Archive}} Archived page (not required)

Notices[edit | edit source]

Note that all of these templates should be substituted with subst:.

Welcoming and policy[edit | edit source]

Template Use
{{Subst:Welcome}} New users; please note this is mostly automated
{{Subst:Welcome IP}} Helpful unregistered users
{{Subst:DDD}} Removal of discussion; see RuneScape:Don't delete discussions
{{Subst:Pdda}} Information about players or clans added to articles; see RuneScape:Biographies of living persons
{{Subst:RDT}} User added redundant information; see rare drop table
{{Subst:Britspell}} User made changes from British English to any other spelling variant; see RS:STYLE#SPELLING
{{Subst:Britfloor}} User made changes from British floor numbers to any other variant; see RS:FLOOR
{{Subst:Deu}} User made changes to another user's page without permission; see RuneScape:Don't edit userpages
{{Subst:Duplicate}} User uploaded a duplicate image
{{subst:2007 warning}} User added information specific to Old School RuneScape
{{Subst:Imgname}} User uploaded a file with a non-compliant name
{{subst:NoPP}} User uploaded a personal-use file; see RS:NOT#HOST

Disruption and vandalism notices[edit | edit source]

Template Use
{{Subst:No Vandal}} Warning to not vandalise
{{Subst:Warn1}} Warning for small test edits
{{Subst:Warn2}} Warning for minor or first time intentional disruption
{{Subst:Warn3}} Final warning for disruptive editing
{{Subst:Gemw1}} Good-faithed test or mistake on GEMW pages
{{Subst:Gemw2}} Intentional disruption on GEMW pages
{{Subst:Pov1}} User inserted biased information; minor, first time, good-faithed
{{Subst:Pov2}} User inserted biased information; repetitive, disruptive
{{Subst:Error1}} User inserted incorrect information; good-faithed, first time
{{Subst:Error2}} User inserted incorrect information; repetitive, disruptive
{{Subst:3RR}} User is disruptively undoing changes; see RuneScape:Three-revert rule
{{Subst:Ownership}} User is taking credit for edits or information directly in an article; see RuneScape:Ownership
{{Subst:Charm log 1}} User submitted incorrect or improbable charm log data; good-faithed, first time
{{Subst:Charm log 2}} User submitted incorrect or improbable charm log data; repetitive, disruptive
{{subst:NoFanon}} User made changes based on personal headcanon or speculation; see RS:NOT#CRYSTAL
{{Subst:UTP}} User is disrespectful or insulting; see RuneScape:Civility