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Hello people of Runescape and the World!

My name is Kyle I am 15 year's old and I am currently a sophomore in high school.

This is all I will say of my personal life as I believe its all you need to know!

Though while I am playing Runescape I prefer to be called by my user name: Beo Wulf X or just Beo for short.

As with Runescape when i play on Xbox live i per-fer to be called by my gamer tag: Delta The Grimm or just Delta for short.

But I don't mind being called Kyle i mean its not like I'm going to curse you out or any thing I'm not like that.

If you wish to contact me you can leave a message on my talk page, send me a message on Runescape or leave me a message on Xbox live!

I am now visiting the Runescape wiki more often then normal and my Private chat is always on when I'm playing runescape but if you leave me a message on Xbox live make sure you state that you are from either the Runescape Wiki or Runescape as i may think that it is spam but other then that you can be sure that i will send a reply no mater how you choose to contact me!

Total level: 1624
Attack 86Constitution 1Mining 69
Strength 85Agility 69Smithing 69
Defence 80Herblore 63Fishing 66
Ranged 75Thieving 65Cooking 72
Prayer 71Crafting 66Firemaking 62
Magic 80Fletching 70Woodcutting 82
Runecrafting 56Slayer 70Farming 62
Construction 66Hunter 66Summoning 69
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 93.075Quests 293
Music 600Tasks ----RuneScore ----
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about me[edit | edit source]

Well for starters I play Runescape as Beo Wulf X. Beo Wulf x is my first and only Runescape account and I have been playing as him since roughly 2006. I consider my self a very seasoned and loyal player to Runescape.

When I first started playing Runescape it was simply because my friend had told me about it and said that I should give it a try. After my first week of playing I had already made some new friends online and began playing mainly to meet new people and have fun. I never had any long term goals up until I got my membership about five months after I started playing runescape.

Within my first few weeks of membership i had fallen in love with quests, most of the time I could be seen training for quests. But even with my new found love for quests I still was able to find time to meet new people and to be with my older friends.

I completed all the quests and acquired my quest cape. it was a major achievement for me and much partying insured.

However... ever since I obtained my quest cape I have been running out of things to do as all my Runescape time was taken up by training for my next quest. But now that I have obtained my quest cape I have slowly but surly begun running out of things to do...

i now spend most of my time at house party's and I don't do much of anything be sides hangout at them I don't even talk with most of my friend's as much as i used to...

I am however still a very active player. When not at house party's I can often be found at the Bandos Throne Room killing Ogre Statues as it is my way of making money.

I am also in a roll play clan. My clan's roll play thread on the Runescape forums is called: Voyage past the edge(in game) it is located in the roll playing section of the forums (Quick find code: 46-47-108-58646337). This is our main thread were you can post your application if you want to join and it is also were we announce when we are next going to roll playing. you can read our story by searching: Voyage past the edge(in game) in the stories forum (Quick find code: 49-50-448-58672019).

I have always wanted to go to god wars dungeon but can never find a team as most of my friends do not do god wars. However if anyone out there happens to need another person to go to GWD my private chat is always on! also should you ever wish to chat with me feel free! I'm always looking for new people to hang out with!

goals[edit | edit source]

1. complete all the quest's and get a quest cape.

2. get a 99 in any skill.

3. Get last remaining piece of Bandos armor the Bandos Chest Plate!

4. make new friends! ( ill never achieve this goal as i will always be making new friends)

5. make cakes and then give them to free players.

6. eat a muffin

7. finish making my user page. (or get it so that it has all the basics)

8. put in userboxes.

9. get a god sword. (preferably Saradomin)

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