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Hello! I am Benster492 - One of the founders of RuneCo Emporium. A leading business in Runescape. I have been involved in Runescape Business for years now, with a lot of success in the past. This company was invented and fabricated with he sole purpose to cover the downfalls left by the Grand Exchange. S you know, there are limits on items in GE, some quite small. We will achieve success by providing the service of bulk Battlestaffs to our clientele - and we hope to expand if and when the need arises. Our organized team will collect regular Battlestaffs using out specialized system to bring you the best bulk Battlestaff deals, at gauranteed prices and quantities. That's our promise to you - Welcome to RuneCo Emporium! ~ Where Business Meets Runescape.

I am a pretty nice guy and would love to talk, even if it is not about business. Please feel free to drop me a message in-game or here on the wiki. I just started on the wiki, so this should be fun! :D