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This is where I have my ideas (I know none of them would ever becone reality, some are overpowered, rediculous, bad ideas overall or too complicated.).

Marksman[edit | edit source]

Marksman wouldn't be a full-blown skill, but maybe an addition to the Ranged skill. It uses guns, and modern-ish artillery. Some are overpowered, excellent for use in crowded PK worlds, some are small, some are good for long-range attacks and others are just standard-combat. The thing that sets them most apart from crossbows and bows are they store the ammo IN the gun, So you can still have arrows equipped ready to switch weapons.

Name Ammo Max Hit Description Magazine Capacity Skill Required Deley between attacks (seconds)
Pistol Bullet 50 An average gun with a medium attack speed. 20

1 Marksman

1 Ranged

Rifle Bullet 75 A gun with slightly higher attack and speed. 15

10 Marksman

5 Ranged




20 A combination of a chaingun and pistol, fast attack speed, low attack. 100

20 Marksman

15 Ranged

Large Musket Bullet 60 Slow speed, high attack. 10

25 Marksman

20 Ranged


Prayers[edit | edit source]

Name Effect
Combust Add 5% of damage taken to dragonfire shield attack.
Immunity Makes you immune to the next attack style to hit you and you are unable to attack using that style for 20 seconds.
Gaining Power For every attack over 40 life points received you gain one level in that skill for 20 seconds. (Player uses a sword doing 40 damage and you gain 1 Attack and Strength)

Weapons[edit | edit source]