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ok i know this quest has been out a while now but i have only recently done it and only recently i have made and account on the runescape wiki so i thought i might review it. IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE THE QUEST DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT THE STORY SPOILED FOR YOU THE DON'T READ ok now lets get started blood runs deep is one of those combat quest were you just do combat and hardly any puzzles but i did find one puzzle that kinda annoyed me the part were you have guide king vargas though the warterbirth island cave i did take me a few tries but i did it and i don't hate combat but i kinda like them combat quests =D.i also like how king vargas and queen sigrad FINALLY get married and your charactar and the prinsees or prince get married but is a short marrage with you and the prince or prinsess as they get killed in the quest the boss fight at the end was quite challanging and on one of my attamps of the boss fight i hit a 602 on her with ruby bolt spec =D.the story of the quest is very grate too were you pice together all the tablets from glories memorries quest i found that reward was greate too the balmurg the good thing about it is:it can hit very high on dagonnoths how ever the bad thing of it is:it is so slow.

story:4/5 grate story of how the lunar people must team up with the frems to stop a evil

combat:3/5 i am not inclueing the boss fight at the end but just fights overall i like how the dagonnoth sentals requie you to switch from one to the other

bossfight:5/5 i found the boss to be challanging,a lot more challanging then the dagonnoth mother in horror from the deep or the glanannos mother in respie or disastar