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I have given Ameobea10 permission to help me with this so that particular editor and me may only edit this page.

I am fanatic for quests.

Fletching 0%
0 levels
Mining 0%
0 levels
Crafting 0%
0 levels
Combat 100%
0 levels
Fishing 0%
0 levels
Ben10 665
Total level: 712
Attack 53Constitution 1Mining 42
Strength 54Agility 30Smithing 35
Defence 52Herblore 18Fishing 32
Ranged 24Thieving 33Cooking 27
Prayer 34Crafting 53Firemaking 21
Magic 36Fletching 28Woodcutting 55
Runecrafting 2Slayer 11Farming 4
Construction 36Hunter 17Summoning 5
Dungeoneering 6Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 52.775Quests ----
Music ----Tasks ----RuneScore ----
As of May 7, 2011
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House vdoor.png Garden House vdoor.png
House h2door.png
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House vwall.png Kitchen House vdoor.png
House h2door.png
House hwall.png
House vdoor.png Parlour House vdoor.png
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