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Bcstyles[edit | edit source]

Hi i my bcstyles also known as reguthix on RuneScape.i have been playing RuneScape 2 for 3 years know and have started a new account. Theres nothing more i can say about myself apart from i am the leader of the redsabre clan,love runescape,buy essence and use this website for my research and forums.

Haunts[edit | edit source]

im useually training up my mage or controling my clan but at points i may be at the pub in varrok ,digging essence (bore)or trying to get the items at the bottem of varrok bank (im sad)

Buying[edit | edit source]

i am always looking for runes ,staffs ,talismons or enything to do with mage

redsabre[edit | edit source]

redsbare is my clan which is led by me and others .further details are on the forums.we are always looking for new members so please consider [user:Bcstyles|[email protected]]] 12:45, 16 March 2007 (UTC)