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I like to work on my strength level. I can tell my main combat levels like defence, attack, and strength.I am a member of the cooking guild and champions guild. I hav done Dragon slayer and have full rune rune sq shield, rune kiteshield, rune 2h, rune scimitar, and a rune battle axe. My combat level is on 69 almost 70.:) U can edit my page. and im wondering how i can get my skills from runescape on this page? Str=66 Def=50 Att=53 Hitpoints=58 im trying to get 99 str, 99 def, 99 att. I like to attack players in clan fights with my friends clan.{{Infobox Bar |name = Bbturtle |image = |location = In the wilderness west of Bounty hunter. |members = No |drinks sold = Big bones at the grand exchange. |NPCs = I talk to larry in the wilderness. ( he sells capes) |Monsters = White Knights(any level), Lesser Demons, and hill giants. |Quests = I'm done all of the quests except for shield of arrav |other = i like to attack high level monsters and warriors. }}