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Bberk was a red portal / purple portal lurer in runescape up until June 13, 2012. He was permanently muted, so his luring has continued on an undisclosed account. Jagex muted the account without any evidence, and refused to porvide any along with the mute. As of july 28 2012, there will be no offences active on his account from when he was muted.

Jagex lifted the mute one month after it was issued. Bberk has since then stopped luring and can be seen doing various skills among runescape and trolling hosts of small flower friends chats. He ahs amassed a total wealth of about 2.5 billion (2,500,000,000) gp, and is no longer interested in gaining heavy money. He took a long break from runescape due to hurricane sandy, but is currently playing as of November 29, 2012.