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Jagex Time[edit | edit source]

Jagex Time Actual Time Event
April 2006 28 August 2008 Wilderness Tag
August 2005 Never Sebastian Gno random event is released.
The months after October
December 2008
Next year
Not next month.
Later in the year.
In the next few weeks
8 July 2009 Mobilising Armies
The week of 31 May 2010 26 May 2010 Castle Wars update.
August 2010 Never The Eye of the Warrior is added.
Late 2012 or Early 2013
Within 2 or 3 years (said in 2013)
July/August 2014
September 2014
TBA Mourning's Ends Part III
In 4 weeks In 2 months End of the Gielinor Games.
In the coming weeks
In some months
August 2013
27 August
28 August
TBA Bank boosters in the Loyalty Shop
Demember 2012
After HTML5
TBA Pet update
In the coming weeks (18/1/2013) TBA Kalphite Queen graphical update.
In one or two months In one week Old School RuneScape is released.
The week of 25 February
Next Tuesday.
Monday, 4 March The World Wakes
Shortly after it airs on RuneRadio Two weeks after it airs on RuneRadio The Future of Funny is added to Jagex's Podcast channel.
May 2013
Not June.
Early July
8 October 2014 Bonus XP Tidy Up is released
Early 2013
August 2013
30 August 2014 Divination
The second half of 2013
Next year (2014)
Within 12 months.
If it wins this poll.
TBA Invention

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