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Many are going to be playing through Elf quest series in the lead up to Plague's End, which is coming this summer, and thus more likely to read our articles relating them. Many of them are simply not up to our quality standards, and we should thus make an effort to improve them before the quests release.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Quest articles[edit | edit source]

Some of these need rewriting and having their images updated. Most of their images are already up to date, but some are lacking in them almost entirely.

Lore articles[edit | edit source]

Most of these are very short and do not have a detailed history section.

Underground Pass maps[edit | edit source]

Our current maps of the Underground Pass are quite frankly terrible, most of them haven't been updated since 2008. We need to improve them, preferably by making them a single image.

Current images[edit | edit source]

[[File:Underground Pass floor 1 map.png|100px]][[File:Underground pass2.png|100px]][[File:Underground pass3.png|100px]][[File:Map of Iban's Lair.png|100px]][[File:Underneath Iban's Lair.png|100px]]

Unlabelled maps[edit | edit source]

Underground path[edit | edit source]

Iban's Lair[edit | edit source]

Beneath Iban's lair[edit | edit source]

Iban's Lair (post-quest)[edit | edit source]

Well (of Voyage)[edit | edit source]