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This calculator is unfinished.
(sorry this is the first thing that comes up when you search for a protean calculator)

things to do:

  • figure out xp rates for protean items (almost all figured out)
  • add bxp/dxp, avatar, outfit, urns(?), and all buffs
  • use LUA xp tables for parsing leveling up (see Module:Dungeoneering Dailies)
 template  = User:Basenji/Calculator:Protean/Template
 form      = proteanCalcForm
 result    = proteanCalcResult
 param     = player|Username:| |
 param     = protean|Protean|Choose:|select|Protean Planks, Protean Bars, Protean Traps, Protean Hides, Protean Logs, Protean Memories, Protean Cogs|
 param     = amount|Amount:|0|int|
 param     = base|Base XP: (Hunter & Firemaking only)|0|int|
 param     = boon|Boon: (Div only)|false|check|