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 template  = User:Basenji/Calculator:Potions/Template
 form      = potionCalcForm
 result    = potionCalcResult
 param     = potion|Potion|Select potion|select|Attack potion, Ranging potion, Magic potion, Defence potion, Strength potion, Antipoison, Guthix rest, Restore potion, Energy potion, Agility potion, Combat potion, Prayer potion, Summoning potion, Super attack, Super antipoison, Fishing potion, Super energy, Hunter potion, Super strength, Fletching potion, Weapon poison, Super restore, Super defence, Antifire, Super ranging potion, Super magic potion, Zamorak brew, Saradomin brew, Aggression potion, Prayer renewal

This calculator provides calculations for potions.