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WARNING: This page contains censored language and any expletive terms remaining uncensored (even those that are censored, most likely) are common knowledge to any self-respecting eight year old child. This makes it just like RuneScape, but without the random text-tard talk making it incomprehensible. Also any substance-containing text will be one-sided... Yet another parallel to RuneScape! In case you couldn't tell yet, there is much blatant sarcasm throughout most of my userpage on anything that actually requires explaining through text, but there is constructive criticism behind (at least most of) it. Enjoy (or don't, if you're one of the targets of my rants on how things in-game or in-wiki are corrupt) and feel free to comment on my talk page.


I might choose to redo this later to make it look better, but considering it took 2 minutes, this doesn't look half bad.Bandos godsword.pngBartuccio3Talk Contribs #Rune full helm (Zamorak).png

Combat stat info

I may not know how to format this in wiki-code, but since HTML works, here's a table (will update to a fancier format later, assuming wikis allow for it.)



Goal (Short-term)

Goal (Long-term)

F2p Combat of Long-term Goal Stats


Combat level
Defence 82 Constitution 10
Prayer 65 Summoning 53
Attack 83 92.25 92
Strength 86
Ranged 78 88 88
Magic 80 89.5 89
Combat level
Defence 85 Constitution 10
Prayer 70 Summoning 68
Attack 90 102.25 102
Strength 99
Ranged 80 93 93
Magic 82 94.25 94
Combat level
Defence 90 Constitution 10
Prayer 99 Summoning 68
Attack 99 110 110
Strength 99
Ranged 90 104.25 104
Magic 99 110 110
Combat level
Defence 90 Constitution 10
Prayer 99 Summoning 1
Attack 99 101.5 101
Strength 99
Ranged 90 95.75 95
Magic 99 101.5 101

Granite pure

Combat level
Defence 50 Constitution 10
Prayer 52 Summoning 1
Attack 71 67.25 67
Strength 70
Ranged 70 67 67
Magic 63 62.25 62
Combat level
Defence 50 Constitution 10
Prayer 52 Summoning 1
Attack 75 73.5 73
Strength 85
Ranged 80 73.5 73
Magic 70 67 67
Combat level
Defence 50 Constitution 10
Prayer 52 Summoning 1
Attack 99 85.75 85
Strength 99
Ranged 99 85.75 85
Magic 99 85.75 85

Account has no Summoning levels to remove in f2p.

F2p iron pure

Combat level
Defence 1 Constitution 10
Prayer 28 Summoning 1
Attack 30 26 26
Strength 31
Ranged 40 32.25 32
Magic 30 25.75 25
Combat level
Defence 1 Constitution 10
Prayer 34 Summoning 1
Attack 50 42.75 42
Strength 60
Ranged 50 39.5 39
Magic 37 31 31
Combat level
Defence 1 Constitution 10
Prayer 45 Summoning 1
Attack 70 63 63
Strength 99
Ranged 99 72.5 72
Magic 85 63.5 63

Account has no Summoning levels to remove in f2p.

Images in Wikis: A Good Thing

Images in RuneScape Wiki, However: A Grand Nuisance

I've noticed that almost every time I open an article on this wiki, either there are no images or there are problems with the images. The four most common problems tend to be excessive images, unrelated/useless (no visible details that are of aid to the article) images, and/or the images are (mostly/all) animated. In addition to these problems, some absolute @#$%ing genius decided it was okay to left- or right-align images without first using the "Preview" button to make sure they didn't overlap text, and the mods and admins are twiddling their thumbs, possibly sticking them where they don't belong, and ignoring this problem.

Excessive images usually occur in conjunction with one of the other two problems, and it would seem that the users of this wiki are just ignorant on the matter. This is not a PhotoBucket or some-such, it is an online encyclopedia on a specific subject that just so happens not to be Photoshop or photography, so images are welcome but only when appropriate. A collapsed gallery would be a simple compromise that would keep all of the image whores happy while still granting myself and other users the decreased load-time and reduced lag (rendering images uses physical memory, and I'd imagine that depending on the hosting method could also eat bandwidth.) This segues into my next point.

Unrelated and useless images... Where to begin...? A prime example could be any of the "in-depth" articles related to glitches. Most of the images are of glitches that aren't explained in the article or in the description on the image's page. These pictures are clearly irrelevant and a waste of everybody's bandwidth. The "useless" images, other than those that can be deemed "unrelated," are (this is my personal opinion) those that don't add anything to the article. Sure, somebody appreciates that enlarged icon that miraculously didn't lose quality in its being blown-up, but is it really necessary to have both that and the standard size inventory icon for the item in the same page? Also what is the point of having an image that's supposed to show the details of leg- or footwear that has so much ground covering you can't see anything below the kneecap clearly?

On animated images, I could rant eternally. These produce so much of a ridiculous amount of lag, it almost makes me wish I used a non-graphical browser; I then realize, though, that the excessively high contrast of most of the non-graphical browsers I know of would cause my eyes to bleed. The most obnoxious thing about these images is that they tend to appear in clusters, as well as usually occurring en masse within articles that contain large amounts of information (I don't even want to think what the article for the Magic skill could be like if it were an extreme example of this.) The worst part about the animated images is that I want to see the unanimated images in most cases, so I can't simply set my browser to cancel out all img tags. What the hell is wrong with just making a video, putting it on YouTube or some similar site, then either linking to the video or embedding it in the article? YouTube embedded videos take up very little bandwidth to load from what I've seen, and the best part is that they don't download the video until you request it by hitting play; THE USER is in control of HIS OR HER OWN bandwidth. This is the way it ought to be/have been from the beginning. I don't want to watch 18000 other characters' appearance within the equipment statistics interface partially rotate eternally, I just want to see what the item in question looks like.

As per the overlapping images, I believe I made my point clear enough above, however I will add that this is becoming as serious of a problem as the animated gif plague. It's probably been almost a year since I've gone a full day without encountering an article with this problem. I've decided to start fixing them by adding line breaks with clear attributes. I don't want to waste time creating img tags in the wiki code since it would require me to track down the individual images, and I don't know how to add a clear or text-wrap through wiki-code, so the line break written in HTML seems the best solution at the time. Until somebody comes up with a better solution and that can be used instead, I urge you to do this whenever you come across an article with the overlapped text issue. It is very time-consuming and offsetting to have to click edit to be able to read a paragraph, regardless of whether I'm permanently editing the problem out so that others can benefit as well; that's right, even if I'm not trying to edit it and fix it for others I still have to go into edit mode to read the text if I actually want to see what's behind the images. The most annoying instances of this problem are when some jackass decides it would be good to post a large image of either the inventory icon for a piece of equipment or an image of a (presumably their) character wearing or wielding it (yes, you can't "wield" armour or "wear" a weapon; get over it and learn English) over-top of the infobox for the statistical bonuses; this is particularly frustrating when the item is "new to me," or was added either recently or during one of my spells of inactivity.

In short: when you add an image to an article, take some time to plan in advance where it is you want it to go, and use the "Preview" button to make sure it worked before clicking "Save page." Also make sure that your saved changes were implemented properly; if they are not and you're a responsible person (you agreed to the terms of service for this wiki and for RuneScape, so if you aren't accountable then you ought to just an hero or something,) you'll go back and check your edit for syntax errors, rather than just leaving it there for the wiki staff to ignore and me to raise sword against. There are enough causes of stress in modern society. Be a credit to whatever race it is you claim to be born of and try not to create unnecessary stressors. You could argue that my complaining about you doing it wrong is causing you stress, but if you took three seconds out of your narcissistic life to think about others you'd realise that your idiocy has created stress for many others and if you're worth even half the person you claim to be you'll feel absolutely horrible at the thought. Enjoy adding images responsibly, now that you've been shown the light (as so many of you needed.)


Bandos godsword.pngBartuccio3Talk Contribs #Rune full helm (Zamorak).png, One of RuneScape's Very Few (Hopefully Successful) Satirical Writers - Attempting to bring about change since.... well who really gives a @#$% since it ain't happening in a game dominated almost entirely by players that are either complete degenerates or too young to legally accept the terms of service. Proof of this exists in that many readers either won't recognize any form of the word 'satire' or don't know what its actual meaning is, despite having Google available and knowing that they can type in 'define:term' to learn what they want to (or rather, need to, seeing as how most educational systems I know of should already have taught them that by the age required to legally play RuneScape.)

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