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hi, i play runescape as HI IM BARNIT and am currently working towards my questcape :)

I achieved my questcape on 14th February 2012 ;) only for a new quest to be released

4 hours later XD which i then completed :P

W00t Fire cape :)

i have played rs since 2003/04 but have only played on this account since 2005

after a couple of years of using this wiki i finally decided to make an account on it XD

Green partyhat.png HI IM BARNIT Talk Bucket of slime.png

Total level: 1885
Attack 80Constitution 85Mining 76
Strength 80Agility 78Smithing 74
Defence 87Herblore 64Fishing 71
Ranged 82Thieving 74Cooking 75
Prayer 82Crafting 76Firemaking 75
Magic 95Fletching 77Woodcutting 76
Runecrafting 63Slayer 73Farming 70
Construction 73Hunter 67Summoning 68
Dungeoneering 61Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 113Quests 331
Music 762Tasks 348RuneScore ----
As of 14th February 2012
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