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The Great Orb Project and Banquo1029[edit | edit source]

I have to say, I am a great fan of The Great Orb Project. It is a good place for non-members and members to earn money, to gain runes along the way and to gain good Experience in Runecrafting. The rewards that one may exchange with the Runecrafting guild token is fairly nice, items that may bring more convenience to you on your journey throughout Runescape and items that you may use to showoff.

I may play The Great Orb Project alot, but I nevertheless have to admit that I am not very good at this game. I would use my very limited experience to tell others what I have learnt in the The Great Orb Project so far.


One of the most important factors of this minigame is corporation. Without corporation, a four or five player team can easily lose to a two player team.
Teams need to have corporation in who is in defence and attack. These are the two main parts. True, some teams can have everybody drawing the your orbs to your altar and still win, but due to the large number of people drawing the orbs to the altar, confusion will happen and it will be not as easy.
Instead, if one or two people create barriers and repel the opponents orbs, while others draw the orbs to the altar, success will be more easily obtain.
I, myself has been in a game where two players were fighting against four others. I was on the two player team with another teammate call Holysun5. In the end, our two player team won five out of six altars while the opposing team win only one altar. The success of the game is not because all of the opposing team members were idling, it is becuase of the teamwork I had with my fellow teammember, Holysun5. After the first round in the air altar, Holysun5 told me to only do defence. With that in mind, I started to only do barriers and repel the opponents orbs to the best of my effort (which is actually not very much), while Holysun5 draw the orbs to the altar. He was quite amazing this chap Holysun5, he drew all the orbs in and we managed to win due to corporation.

So how do we corporate. Firstly some people do defence while others, which is the majority, do attack. I understand it is hard to corporate so try to do so to the best. In altars like the earth or mind one, the attackers should scout and bring the orbs to a position where defence players can easily draw the orb into the altar. This presumably will save time for the attackers to go on and scout for more orbs.
In altars like the air and fire and water, try to stay in a fix position and move around only alittle bit. Some people should stay on the outside of the ring while others should stay in the inside of the ring. Players on the outside will draw the orbs which are far around to a spot where players inside the ring can easily draw into the altar. This will provide a fast way of drawing. Without players constantly running around and getting confuse.

  • Always remember something when playing The Great Orb Project. Try to your best, to never attract the same orbs as your teammates will they are drawing it too. This will frustrate the other player, ruin the player's original plan of getting the orb to the altar and demoralise the whole team.