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The early days.===

Magep00ner12 is considered to be a really successful F2P PKer. He started playing back in late 2004. It all started on his main, Mulder1230. Later, he created the account Magep00ner12 and started his goal to become a F2P PKer. He started training ranged and achieved level 55 ranged within 5 days.

PK skills.[edit | edit source]

When Magep00ner12 had the stats he wanted he went to the wilderness. In 2005 there weren't a lot of pures and there were a lot of noobs. His first kill resulted in obtaining a Rune Scimitar (source?). After that he was unstoppable. That's why he decided to make a PK video. His first Runescape PK video was uploaded to Putfile and to Youtube. It was uploaded on the third of December, 2006. Which is a historical day because of this. It started to get a lot of views and Magep00ner12 became popular overnight. He then decided to make a second pk video, which was uploaded within only 16 days of the release of his first PK video. This video was sensational and contained over 20 kills. Magep00ner12 has made a lot of videos since then. All his videos can be found on his Youtube channel.

His most popular videos are:

Magep00ner12's clan life[edit | edit source]

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