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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Hi there! My name is Babyvegeta93. You can call me Vegeta for short, but don't call me Baby. It makes me feel girly. Unfortunately, I have decided to quit RuneScape for various reasons. 1. I got bored. 2. I have lost interest in it; trying to play was seemingly tedious rather than enjoyable. 3. It seemed I forced myself to play than to just enjoy it. 4. Minor, but still a factor, I never got any good drops or good rewards; it irritated me. 5. I have a PlayStation 3 now and I prefer to use it over my computer. 6. I have a loved one that I focus all my time on. 7. I couldn't handle the immaturity. Ever since I went through a depressed funk over summer break (Mid-June - Late-August), I began to realize things.

My time on RuneScape was definitely an enjoyable experiences. I learned so much from it. And I'm talking mythology/religion/storylines. Fantasy, yes, but I have incorporated it into several things I think about. I always think of new ideas to contribute to the game, though none of them will be heard. I think I'll make a sub-page to express my thoughts and ideas/ways to improve RuneScape.

And of course, let us not forget irony. The things I wanted most appeared AFTER I quit (though two are yet to come). A wieldable Smithing hammer, a dragon defender, the explanation to what is behind the frozen door in God Wars Dungeon, free trade and the old wilderness! Are you kidding me?! It's too late to turn back now. My account is pretty much done. I got rid of everything. Literally, everything. I have nothing left. Not even my money. 3.4mil down the drain. Should I decide to come back to RuneScape, I would have to start from scratch on Maddox I (my account's current name).