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The IRC log from the night the wiki gained 4 checkusers. This is the public version.

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*** #wikia-runescape
<Soldier_1033> Azaz
<Soldier_1033> Guess who came back to the Yew Grove
<Azaz129> I saw
<Soldier_1033> My fault =/
<Soldier_1033> Sorry
<Azaz129> ?
<ChristineV> Er
<Soldier_1033> I used the term "pull a Shadowdancer"
<ChristineV> My fault.
<ChristineV> I told him. =P
<Azaz129> Can't really blame the hot head for being pissed
[22:13] <Soldier_1033> sigh
[22:14] <ChristineV> It's not just directed at you Soldier.
[22:14] <AndorinKato> Also
[22:14] <AndorinKato> <ChristineV> I'll block anyone who reverts.
[22:14] <AndorinKato> Srsly?
[22:14] <ChristineV> I didn't do it because I wanted him to attack you or anything.
[22:14] <ChristineV> Srsly.
[22:14] <Soldier_1033> Well, he did
[22:16] *** Katrina [[email protected]] has joined #wikia-runescape
[22:16] *** Katrina is now known as KittyKis
[22:17] <ChristineV> But it isn't that I wanted it.
[22:17] <AndorinKato> Who is this guy, anyway?
[22:17] <ChristineV> I've shown him things before and he held back.
[22:17] <ChristineV> I believe the only reason he spoke this time was because he could comment about Stinko too
[22:17] <Azaz129> Everyone has an agenda
[22:18] <Soldier_1033> That kind of screwed up my mood >.<
[22:19] <Azaz129> Actually improved mine somehow...
[22:19] <Soldier_1033> You aren't the one being flamed lol
[22:19] <Azaz129> I get flamed all the time ^_^
[22:19] <Soldier_1033> Not like that
[22:20] <Azaz129> Not anymore
[22:20] <ChristineV> That would've been nothing to me lol
[22:21] <Azaz129> lol, Christine-> the queen of mean :P
[22:22] <ChristineV> :]
[22:23] <Azaz129> Andorin you don't know who Shadowdancer is?
[22:23] <AndorinKato> Nope.
[22:23] <Azaz129> From the admin page - "Shadowdancer was given sysop status in July 2006, but had it taken away by Sannse in August 2006 when he went on a blocking spree after a disagreement with other community members."
[22:24] <AndorinKato> Hrm.
[22:24] <Soldier_1033> That's what I meant by "pulling a Shadowdancer"
[22:24] <Azaz129> More info on his talk
[22:24] <AndorinKato> He was not banned?
[22:25] <Azaz129> Nope
[22:26] <Azaz129> 09:29, 26 December 2006 Vimescarrot (Talk | contribs | block) unblocked Shadowdancer (Talk | contribs) ‎ (Good contributor, don't bring personal grudges into this. )
[22:26] <Azaz129> 00:14, 26 December 2006 Dreadnought (Talk | contribs | block) blocked "Shadowdancer (Talk | contribs)" with an expiry time of infinite ‎ (Go to hell)
[22:28] <ChristineV> Aaron and I both still talk to Mike.
[22:28] <AndorinKato> SHIT
[22:28] <ChristineV> Vimescarrot and Clv309 still talk to Shadowdancer.
[22:28] <AndorinKato>
[22:28] <Soldier_1033> ??
[22:29] <Soldier_1033> DAMN
[22:29] <Soldier_1033> VANDAL BOT
[22:29] <AndorinKato> Nice shot, Aza.
[22:29] <AndorinKato> +z
[22:29] *** Zomgitshim [[email protected]/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #wikia-runescape
[22:29] <Azaz129> Damn, taht was close
[22:30] <AndorinKato> Lucky I patrol RC.
[22:30] <Otter-Man> That vandal is a bona-fide bastard
[22:30] <Otter-Man> needs to get a life
[22:30] <Otter-Man> or a girlfriend
[22:30] <ChristineV> This is funny
[22:30] <Zomgitshim> What?
[22:30] <ChristineV> I'm being hit on by a wiki users
[22:30] <ChristineV> user*
[22:30] <Otter-Man> Who?
[22:31] <Azaz129> I'll extend the time in about 5 mins to 4 hours knowing his pattern
[22:31] <AndorinKato> Azaz, some people say "Don't protect the site or he wins." What do you say to that?
[22:31] <Soldier_1033> I agree
[22:31] <Soldier_1033> Let's play ball
[22:31] <AndorinKato> xD
[22:31] <AndorinKato> Riiight.
[22:31] <Soldier_1033> unprotect plz
[22:31] * AndorinKato remembers what Soldier wanted to do last time the vandal bot hit
[22:31] *** Zomgitshim [[email protected]/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Client Quit]
[22:32] <Azaz129> My computer can't keep up with bots like it used to...
[22:32] <ChristineV> Otter-Man: I don't think I should say.
[22:33] <Soldier_1033> Azaz
[22:33] <Soldier_1033> Could I possibly unprotect and play some ball?
[22:33] <Soldier_1033> :)
[22:34] <AndorinKato> Soldier likes fighting the bot.
[22:34] <Azaz129> no unprotecting for fun :P
[22:34] <Soldier_1033> No
[22:34] <Soldier_1033> Azaz
[22:34] <Soldier_1033> If we protect
[22:34] <Soldier_1033> he wins
[22:34] <ChristineV> [22:30:40] <Zomgitshim> THE SHADOWDANCER IS BACK THIS IS HISTORIC
[22:34] <Soldier_1033> No one can edit
[22:34] <ChristineV> He's kinda epic.
[22:35] <Azaz129> Sigh, I once took on a bot on for ten minutes with only rollback, now I can't even load the damned Yew Grove on this thing...
[22:35] <Soldier_1033> Can I pleeease unprotect
[22:35] <AndorinKato> The last time we took on a bot, it was fine.
[22:35] <AndorinKato> But.
[22:35] <AndorinKato> It's counterproductive.
[22:35] <Soldier_1033> But it shows him whose boss and people can still edit the wiki
[22:35] <AndorinKato> A bot has no limit to its stamina. It has limitless patience.
[22:36] <Azaz129> Good vandal practice, bad policy.
[22:36] <AndorinKato> Correct, but while we're going on blitzkrieg mode knocking down his accounts and pages, not to mention reverting his edits, actual non-bot vandalism could slip through.
[22:36] <Soldier_1033> :(
[22:36] <Soldier_1033> I bet he's on wow wiki now
[22:36] <AndorinKato> Plus anybody who has a legit reason to check RC will just see a flood of deletes, blocks, and spam.
[22:36] <AndorinKato> WoW wiki isn't our responsbility. ;)
[22:37] <Soldier_1033> I know
[22:37] <Soldier_1033> I'm just keeping tabs on him
[22:37] <Azaz129> Blocked his IP range huh Soldier?
[22:37] <Soldier_1033> sigh
[22:38] <Azaz129> *Insert foot into mouth*:)
[22:38] <Soldier_1033> He obviously has another proxy
[22:39] <Azaz129> That's why I found it funny that you said his IP range was blocked as if it would work
[22:40] <Azaz129> Well, if you've been wanting to do something without fear of an edit conflict nows the time...
[22:40] <AndorinKato> Actually, in a way, the v'bot is doing something good.
[22:40] <AndorinKato> xD
[22:41] <AndorinKato> He takes my mind off the Stinko drama.
[22:41] <Azaz129> Such a mess
[22:42] <AndorinKato>
[22:42] <AndorinKato> Hahaha.
[22:42] <Azaz129> lol
[22:44] <Azaz129> "(Reverted edits by Azaz129 (talk) to last version by CS)" - Nice to see he remembers me ;)
[22:44] <Soldier_1033> Lmao at karlis
[22:44] <Soldier_1033> He unprotected with the comment "hmm.."
[22:44] <Soldier_1033> then reprotected
[22:44] <AndorinKato> Cooley35 has a hell of a sense of timing.
[22:45] <AndorinKato> # (diff) (hist) . . Tower of Life‎; 18:43 . . (+7) . . Cooley35 (Talk | contribs | block) (→Details:  )
[22:45] <AndorinKato> # (Protection log); 18:43 . . Karlis (Talk | contribs | block) protected "Special:AllPages" (2 hours)
[22:45] <AndorinKato> # (Protection log); 18:43 . . Karlis (Talk | contribs | block) unprotected "Special:AllPages" (Hmm....)
[22:45] <Soldier_1033> :P
[22:45] <AndorinKato> Azaz, what connection do you have to this CS dude?
[22:45] <AndorinKato> If any?
[22:46] <Azaz129> I was the first admin to deal with him before he made his little bot
[22:46] <AndorinKato> So he was originally a user.
[22:47] <Azaz129> a minor proxy vandal at worst
[22:47] <AndorinKato> (diff) (hist) . . Image:TempleIkovMap.jpg‎; 18:46 . . (+9) . . Evil yanks (Talk | contribs | block)
[22:47] <AndorinKato> Wth?
[22:48] <Azaz129> Karlis changed the protection perhaps?
[22:48] <AndorinKato> Regular pages are still protected.
[22:48] <AndorinKato> Allow file uploads by - Registered users and sysops
[22:48] <AndorinKato> Allow editing of pages by - Registered users and sysops
[22:48] <AndorinKato> Ahhh.
[22:49] <AndorinKato> Allow creation of new accounts by - Sysops only
[22:49] <AndorinKato> Coolies.
[22:49] <AndorinKato> We're good.
[22:51] <Catcrewser|afk> what I'd miss?
[22:51] *** Catcrewser|afk is now known as Catcrewser
[22:51] <AndorinKato> <big><big>'''YOU CAN FIND Azaz129 and Dtm142 HAVING SEX IN THIS CAVE
[22:51] <AndorinKato> Lawl.
[22:51] <Soldier_1033> Yeah
[22:51] <AndorinKato> You missed our vandal bot.
[22:51] <Azaz129> Oh yeah, Dtm helped a little as well
[22:52] <AndorinKato>
[22:52] <AndorinKato> So he basically just did little minor crap.
[22:53] <Azaz129> Aah, now this is the type of hate I miss from being a sysop...(fond memories of all those fun threats)
[22:53] <Azaz129> Basically
[22:54] <Soldier_1033> Lol
[22:54] <Azaz129>
[22:54] <Azaz129> an earlier account
[22:54] <AndorinKato> Okay, so he showed up, started vandalizing, got blocked, and made a bot?
[22:54] <Azaz129> He also impersonated luckytoilet
[22:55] <Azaz129> Apparently they know each other
[22:55] <AndorinKato> Who's luckytoilet?
[22:55] <Catcrewser> the wiki is slow atm...
[22:55] <Catcrewser> The best way to get rid of a vandal bot: Wipe out every trace of it from non-sysops =D
[22:56] <Azaz129>
[22:56] <AndorinKato> Does Luckytoilet live in Vancouver, BC?
[22:57] <Azaz129> Not sure
[22:57] <Azaz129>
[22:57] <Azaz129> the other half
[22:59] <AndorinKato> Fun stuff.
[22:59] <AndorinKato> Azaz, I heard you're in favor of permabanning Vhosythe.
[23:00] <Azaz129> no opinion
[23:00] * Soldier_1033 is also in favor
[23:00] <Azaz129> Trying to stay away from this as much as possible
[23:00] <AndorinKato> I don't blame you.
[23:01] <Soldier_1033> Good call
[23:01] <Soldier_1033> Neutral b'crats are the best b'crats
[23:01] <AndorinKato> Yup.
[23:01] <Soldier_1033> I'm gonna nominate Cruser for b'crat ok guys
[23:01] <Azaz129> There's a reason we 'crats let you guys take care of the day to day wiki runnings :)
[23:01] <Soldier_1033> I think he's probably the most trustworthy user I know
[23:02] <Soldier_1033> Would you guys help me support Cruser's RfB?
[23:02] <Soldier_1033> :P
[23:02] <Azaz129> officially- no comment |unofficially- lmao
[23:02] <Soldier_1033> Lol
[23:03] <Soldier_1033> You can't say I didn't warn him
[23:03] <Soldier_1033> Cruser asked me if he should run for admin about a week before he did
[23:03] <Soldier_1033> I told him the exact same thing I said on his rfa
[23:03] <Soldier_1033> :P
[23:03] *** wyrd [[email protected]/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #wikia-runescape
[23:04] <Azaz129>
[23:05] <Azaz129> No further developments... :(
[23:05] <Soldier_1033> Yeah lol
[23:05] <Soldier_1033> Dtm gave me a new nickname :(
[23:05] <Soldier_1033> "Shadowdancer's Trigger"
[23:05] <Soldier_1033> lol
[23:05] <Azaz129> Oooh a Dtm nickname lol
[23:07] <ChristineV> where is dtm?
[23:08] <Soldier_1033> On RS
[23:08] <ChristineV> OMG
[23:08] <ChristineV> I must add him =[
[23:08] <Soldier_1033> lolz
[23:08] <Soldier_1033> I find Team CS' articles funny and ironic
[23:08] <Soldier_1033> "Brought to you by Team CS Vandels - Dedicated to improving Wiki security"
[23:09] <AndorinKato> How about less vandalism and more shut the hell up?
[23:09] <Soldier_1033> Lol
[23:10] <Soldier_1033> I like that
[23:10] <Soldier_1033> Though I'd like to meet that guy irl
[23:10] <Soldier_1033> To buy him dinner
[23:10] <AndorinKato> Also, I have the sudden urge to go get a dragon 2-hander and finish my fire giant task with it.
[23:10] <Soldier_1033> and then shove my foot up his ass :)
[23:10] <ChristineV> "But look on the bright side, you've made history!"
[23:10] <ChristineV> XD
[23:10] <ChristineV> after saying I accidentally made SD hate soldier
[23:10] <ChristineV> x]
[23:11] <Soldier_1033> Yeah..
[23:11] <Soldier_1033> Christine
[23:11] <Soldier_1033> He probably won't care, but can you tell him I'm sorry
[23:11] <ChristineV> he went to bed about a half hour ago
[23:11] <Soldier_1033> Well, when you see him then
[23:12] <Soldier_1033> anyways
[23:12] <Soldier_1033> I'm off
[23:12] <Soldier_1033> gnight
[23:12] <Azaz129> 'night
[23:12] <ChristineV> night
[23:12] * Soldier_1033 huggles Team CS Vandels
[23:12] <Soldier_1033> jk :P
[23:13] * Soldier_1033 huggles Christine
[23:13] *** Otter|WTFAGAIN [[email protected]/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #wikia-runescape
[23:13] * ChristineV huggles Soldier_1033.
[23:13] *** Soldier_1033 [[email protected]] has quit [""There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness.""]
[23:13] *** Katrina [[email protected]] has joined #wikia-runescape
[23:15] *** ChristineV is now known as Christine|afk
[23:16] <AndorinKato> Dragon 2hs are less than 1M now.
[23:16] <AndorinKato> Price is rly dropping.
[23:16] <Lashazior> I HATE HISTORY
[23:16] *** Otter-Man [[email protected]/web/cgi-irc/] has quit ["CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)"]
[23:18] <AndorinKato> ?
[23:19] *** Otter|WTFAGAIN [[email protected]/web/cgi-irc/] has quit ["CGI:IRC (EOF)"]
[23:20] *** nekobawt [[email protected]] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
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[23:29] *** Otter-Man [[email protected]/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #wikia-runescape
[23:39] <Otter-Man> night all
[23:40] *** Otter-Man is now known as KWAR
[23:40] <KWAR> Dammit
[23:40] *** KWAR is now known as Otter-Man
[23:40] *** Otter-Man left #wikia-runescape ["KWAR ZPIKDUM"]
[23:40] *** uberfuzzy [[email protected]/Uberfuzzy] has joined #wikia-runescape
[23:41] <Azaz129> Hello Uber
[23:41] <uberfuzzy> howdy
[23:41] <uberfuzzy> so, which channel is used more?
[23:41] <uberfuzzy> this one or the non-freenode one?
[23:41] <Azaz129> Tends to be this one I guess
[23:42] <Azaz129> Thanks for the range block btw
[23:42] <uberfuzzy> there was one in place already, but it was /18, and was only blocking anon, not users
[23:42] <uberfuzzy> which this last batch was
[23:42] <uberfuzzy> using*
[23:43] <Azaz129> Hmm, that seems to be the situation often with this guy
[23:44] <uberfuzzy> we're building a list of known open proxies (mostly from CS's activity at RSW) and blocking them globably
[23:44] <uberfuzzy> we've been adjusting the rate limits at RSW some too
[23:44] <Azaz129> Glad this situation has served some use then.
[23:45] <uberfuzzy> anon users can create 1 new page per 120 seconds
[23:45] <uberfuzzy> new users (wears off after 4 days i think) can create 1 page per 60 seconds
[23:46] <uberfuzzy> that should atleast slow the bugger down a lot
[23:46] <Azaz129> Indeed, I noticed he switched away from page creation this time
[23:49] *** mischief6 [[email protected]/mischief] has quit ["For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind."]
[23:56] <AndorinKato> He's back
[23:56] <AndorinKato> Everyone
[23:59] <AndorinKato> Okay, so now I'm checkuser? I'll need to know, er, how to do that. =P
[00:00] <uberfuzzy> on the user contributions view, there will be a new link in the top of the page
[00:00] <AndorinKato> Alright.
[00:01] <AndorinKato> Presumably this is only used as necessary.
[00:01] <uberfuzzy> aye
[00:01] <uberfuzzy> it will let you guys find his proxy ip's and block them alot faster
[00:01] <uberfuzzy> rather then playing catch up blocking his accounts
[00:01] <AndorinKato> So to use it, we go to one of his accounts, do a checkuser, and block the IP that it gives me?
[00:02] <uberfuzzy> pretty much
[00:02] <AndorinKato> Got it.
[00:02] <uberfuzzy> its a little strange to use, but you'll understand once you use it
[00:02] <AndorinKato> Are you only giving checkuser status to people who are here now, or to people who are around a lot when this bot hits?
[00:03] <AndorinKato> Because I can think of a couple others who are normally around.
[00:04] <uberfuzzy> lets start with these for now, its not something we want to hand out to a bunch of people
[00:04] <AndorinKato> Right, of course.
[00:04] *** uberfuzzy is now known as uberfuzzy|away
[00:04] <uberfuzzy|away> afk for a bit
[00:05] <uberfuzzy|away> i'll be around tonight if something comes up
[00:05] <AndorinKato> I'ma test checkuser on one of the just-made vandal accounts.
[00:06] <AndorinKato> Okay, cool.
[00:07] <Azaz129> Indeed, quite effective.
[00:09] <AndorinKato> Yup.
[00:09] <AndorinKato> Anyone care if I change protection back to what it was?
[00:09] <AndorinKato> We DID just hit the proxy IP.
[00:09] <Azaz129> Go ahead
[00:10] <Catcrewser> yay!(for now, until he finds another proxy)
[00:11] <Azaz129> At least we can find the proxy quicker now.
[00:11] <AndorinKato> Yes. =D
[00:12] <Catcrewser> yep, congratulations on your newly gained powers, although the reason is bad, sadly
[00:12] <Azaz129> I'm just glad we have a more effective tool against this vandal
[00:13] <wyrd>        Hello. I have a question. Is this the IRC channel for the runescape wikia?
[00:13] <Catcrewser> yes
[00:13] <Azaz129> We technically have 2
[00:13] <Catcrewser> but, this is the most used one
[00:13] <wyrd> How did anybody get checkuser rights, then? I thought only wikia staff had that permission.
[00:13] <Azaz129> indeed
[00:14] <Catcrewser> under certain cases of mass vandalism trusted users are given it
[00:14] <Catcrewser> so they can block the vandals
[00:14] <Catcrewser> more effectivly
[00:14] <wyrd> How interesting. Who chooses who these trusted people are?
[00:14] <Catcrewser> the staff
[00:15] <Catcrewser> they are sysops
[00:15] *** BiggieSmalls [[email protected]] has quit ["Now if you will excuse me, I have a giant ball of oil to throw out my window"]
[00:15] <wyrd> Do they de-flag the people after the necessary checkusers are performed?
[00:16] <Catcrewser> i dno
[00:16] *** KittyKis [[email protected]] has joined #wikia-runescape
[00:16] <KittyKis> !ge energy potion
[00:16] <KittyKis> !calc 224*60
[00:17] <wyrd> How very interesting.
[00:18] <Catcrewser> actually, I am reading the code to protect site atm
[00:18] <AndorinKato> There may not be cause to de-flag for a while. We've had this vandal bot problem for some time.
[00:18] <wyrd> What does this vandal bot do?
[00:18] <AndorinKato> Create spam pages.
[00:18] <Azaz129> Quite a persistent little bugger...
[00:18] <AndorinKato> Like, several dozen per minute, but he's usually stopped in a handful of seconds.
[00:18] <AndorinKato> Sometimes he also edits existing articles.
[00:19] <KittyKis> !gratz 30 herblore
[00:19] * RuneScript :D\-< �.�*�*�.�Woo! Congrats on your herblore level 30 KittyKis!!�.�*�*�.� :D/-<
[00:19] <AndorinKato> Replacing their pages with gibberish or certain text.
[00:19] <wyrd> Can IPs create pages on rs wiki?
[00:19] <AndorinKato> Congrats, Kat.
[00:19] <AndorinKato> Yes.
[00:19] <KittyKis> :D
[00:19] <KittyKis> Now what to do tomorrow...
[00:19] <KittyKis> Prayer and (ew) slayer
[00:19] <wyrd> Why don't you prevent that from happening?
[00:19] <KittyKis> And then dear lord hunter and summoning.
[00:20] <KittyKis> night peeps
[00:20] <Azaz129> 'night
[00:21] <Catcrewser> we should really use oversight more
[00:21] *** mischief6 [[email protected]/mischief] has joined #wikia-runescape
[00:21] <AndorinKato> Why don't we prevent IPs from creating pages?
[00:22] <Catcrewser> so they can contribute more?
[00:22] <wyrd> Are there lots of new pages being created regularly on the wiki?
[00:22] <Catcrewser> but it is the account vandalizing not the ip
[00:22] <AndorinKato> Not a lot, but a fair number.
[00:22] <wyrd> By IPs/non-autoconfirmed?
[00:23] <Azaz129> Not many.
[00:24] <AndorinKato> Hrm
[00:24] <wyrd> Do you guys have regular problems from IPs creating inappropriate pages, other than this guy?
[00:24] <AndorinKato> Special:Listusers is weird on this site.
[00:24] <AndorinKato> He also creates spam accounts.
[00:25] <AndorinKato> He doesn't edit from IPs.
[00:25] <Azaz129> Uses accounts to conceal the IPs
[00:26] <wyrd> Oh I see.
[00:26] <AndorinKato> Also.
[00:26] <AndorinKato> Should we open the site?
[00:26] <AndorinKato> With our checkuser status we can knock him down much more efficiently.
[00:27] *** uberfuzzy|away is now known as uberfuzzy
[00:27] <AndorinKato> There are people who want to edit, tbh.
[00:27] <Azaz129> Open it up.
[00:27] <Catcrewser> so there are 2 protection levels, one allows for autoconfirmed users and the other sysops. Same as page protection. From what I can see, you can choose protection on the level of createaccount, createpage, edit, move, and upload?
[00:27] <AndorinKato> Completely?
[00:27] <AndorinKato> Yes.
[00:27] <Azaz129> Not account creation
[00:27] <AndorinKato> k
[00:28] <Catcrewser> it is amazing how so simple code can do so much =D
[00:28] *** AndorinKato is now known as AK|vape
[00:29] <Catcrewser> the changing of protection levels is confusing =P
[00:29] <uberfuzzy> account creation blocking is fairly useless at wikia honestly, as they can (and do) go create accounts at other random wikis
[00:29] <AK|vape> Yeah. =/
[00:30] <AK|vape> !
[00:30] <uberfuzzy> it only deters the lowest level of vandals that dont realize that wikia is global accounts
[00:30] <AK|vape> So that's why the accounts didn't show up on Special:Listusers.
[00:30] <AK|vape> I was investigating the possibility that he was using premade accounts.
[00:30] <uberfuzzy> no, the new listusers is kinda funky, and its precached
[00:30] <AK|vape> Well, let's see how effective checkuser is.
[00:31] <AK|vape> Yeah, I don't like it here much. Uncyclopedia's is a straight list and I like that more.
[00:31] *** Katrina [[email protected]] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
[00:31] <uberfuzzy> keep in mind, its CU's use is logged
[00:32] <AK|vape> Makes sense.
[00:32] <Catcrewser> wikia-code is great for knowing what happens around wikia and what makes it tick =D
[00:34] <AK|vape> As long as I only use it when necessary, it's okay, right?
[00:37] <Catcrewser> userfuzzy, so when does wikia switch to mw 1.14?
[00:38] <Catcrewser> uberfuzzy*
[00:38] <uberfuzzy> AK|vape: we're still testing this idea out, to see how much larger/stable wikis can handle on their own, so we'll see
[00:38] <AK|vape> Wait
[00:38] <AK|vape> This guy's checkuser's IP is blocked already?
[00:39] <uberfuzzy> Catcrewser: "soon™"
[00:39] <Catcrewser> figured that would be the response =P
[00:39] <uberfuzzy> couple weeks, the techs are working on it, we have alot of stuff to test
[00:39] <AK|vape> What the hell?
[00:39] <Catcrewser> yep, its a big upgrade
[00:39] <AK|vape> Oh, checkuser isn't perfect?
[00:39] <uberfuzzy> AK|vape: whats up?
[00:39] <AK|vape>
[00:40] <Catcrewser> he switched proxies again
[00:40] <AK|vape> The IP I get from his checkuser is already blocked.
[00:41] <AK|vape> What's going on?
[00:41] <AK|vape> And Azaz, what's the IP you just blocked?
[00:42] <AK|vape> You.. reblocked the same one? I is confused.
[00:42] <Azaz129> You had anon only
[00:42] <AK|vape> But that stopped him. o_0
[00:42] <AK|vape> Oh.
[00:42] <AK|vape> Lawl.
[00:42] <AK|vape> Ehoops.
[00:42] <AK|vape> Whoops*
[00:42] <AK|vape> I r nub?
[00:42] <Azaz129> Of course not :)
[00:44] <uberfuzzy> i see your friend doesnt like the new spam filter blocks i put in :)
[00:44] <AK|vape> =P
[00:44] <Catcrewser> =D
[00:44] <Catcrewser> well, g'night, don't let the vandals bite!
[00:44] <AK|vape> So can we completely open the site now?
[00:45] *** Catcrewser [[email protected]] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
[00:45] <Azaz129> "bring it on"? nice statement :P
[00:45] <AK|vape> =P
[00:46] <Azaz129> Might as well try it.
[00:46] <uberfuzzy> dont provoke the troll, it only makes them happy
[00:46] <AK|vape> k
[00:47] <uberfuzzy> oh look, he's gone to play at uncyc now. time to breakout the global hammer
[00:48] <AK|vape> Lawl.
[00:48] <AK|vape>
[00:48] <AK|vape> Modus being that fast doesn't surprise me at all.
[00:48] <AK|vape> The Uncyc crew has PLENTY of experience dealing with narb vandals.
[00:49] <Azaz129> Haha, what a sore loser that bot is.
[00:49] <AK|vape> I was, and sorta still am, a member in good standing there.
[00:49] <AK|vape> It's actually the wiki that taught me to be anti-vandal.
[00:50] <AK|vape> Azaz, can you post that notice on my talk page too so I has the links?
[00:50] <Azaz129> kk
[00:50] <AK|vape> I also like seeing the "You have new messages" box. :3
[00:52] <uberfuzzy> you can also go to Special:CheckUser directly, but then you have to type in the name
[00:52] <uberfuzzy> and sometimes they like to use similar looking letters
[00:52] <uberfuzzy> capital I for lower case L
[00:52] <uberfuzzy> like VandaI
[00:52] <AK|vape> So it's probably better to go through their contribs.
[00:52] <Lashazior> AK|vape: <-- <3 I love to yell bob saget and piss
[00:53] <AK|vape> Forgot to sign? =P
[00:53] <Azaz129> :(
[00:55] <AK|vape> Did I do it right this time?
[00:55] <AK|vape> I unchecked "anon only" box.
[00:56] <uberfuzzy> :)
[00:56] <Azaz129> Excellent
[00:56] <AK|vape> Woohoo!
[00:57] <AK|vape> Through The Fire And Flames?
[00:58] <Lashazior> watch the last 30 seconds
[00:58] <Lashazior> after the bob saget yelling
[00:58] <Lashazior> or last 50 seconds
[00:59] <AK|vape> You are incredible. O_O
[00:59] <Lashazior>
[00:59] <RuneScript> *** [ YOUTUBE ]: Title: Bert and Ernie parody - Ernie im horny | Duration: 1min 59secs | Views: 700,554 | Rating: 4.54 (2,619 ratings)
[00:59] <Lashazior> rofl
[00:59] <AK|vape> Wait.
[01:00] <uberfuzzy> oh man, he's not gonna like that... :) /dances
[01:00] <uberfuzzy> lol "Anti-Anti-Vandal-Bot"
[01:00] <AK|vape> It's taking forever to load.
[01:01] <AK|vape> Where, uberfuzzy?
[01:01] <AK|vape> Uncyc?
[01:01] <uberfuzzy> in the logs
[01:01] <AK|vape> Oh, yup.
[01:01] <uberfuzzy> this is better
[01:01] <uberfuzzy>
[01:01] <RuneScript> *** [ YOUTUBE ]: Title: Bert & Ernie tries Gangsta-Rap | Duration: 1min 28secs | Views: 2,748,640 | Rating: 4.93 (11,568 ratings)